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Camera suggestions

Looking for suggestions for cameras to use for live events.

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Re: Camera suggestions

Originally posted by sankt
Looking for suggestions for cameras to use for live events.


Without knowing your proc. to subject,
distences and number of cams i have to just say for you
to get dv cam/s with the best OPTICLE lens(brand) you can
afford,also the most ccd s .It is the qualitiy off the OPTICLE zoom that will give you the best results.
The out puts are the other consideration.My cams travels
have ledme to the conclution that the standerd version
(homeowner model} cams, have realy pretty hinges on
view finders and displays that dont take the riggors of
outdoor/settups and take downs . I guess i"m saying,
spend what you can to get the more proffesional grade stuff,
ie. weather resistant ext.displays and soforth.

{if its got a motor on it...lets race)
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Agree with John. Have tried four different cams for outside live here -- three minidv camcorders, one analog security cam (for wide views).
Security Cam
Security cam (analog) has sony super 1/3" CCD, is small, weatherproof and mostly indestructible, but maybe it's supposed to gather light because the result is contrast contrast contrast, output unacceptable without considerable ffdshow adjustments and then just barely. Indoors, rendition is okay.

Also, cannot use it in conjunction with the dv camcorders unless all cam units transmit analog wirelessly (5.8) to 4-channel receiver to converter box to laptop/NSVCap.
Mini DV camcorders

Tried a Panasonic (top of the mid-level consumer line), an older JVC (top of the consumer line some years ago), a Canon (entry level Elura consumer line).

Using for outdoor live here requires open power and firewire or AV (if transmitting wireless) out ports. On all these models, agree with John's assessment of port covers -- flimsy plastic that can easily tear off if heavily used in various outdoor environments. Also port cover placement can be awkward when actively operating cams.

Of the three tried, best result with least effort comes from the Panasonic. It has unneeded bells and whistles, but basically allows easy and complete manual control of video exposure. Uses three 1/6" CCDs, which makes an obvious difference in image output, contrast rendering and transmitting efficiency for live. Its metering is three-tiered - spot, center, overall -- handy in some outdoor situations. Lens is Leica. Optical zoom operation with autofocus is smoothest of the three.

The older JVC does okay, but not nearly as well. The entry level Canon (one 1/5" CCD) can outperform the JVC, but requires a multitude of manual adjustments to achieve its best rendition. Neither handles contrast as well as the 3CCD model.
For this project, can't really justify/afford using pro level stuff, but having 3 or 4 units of the above mentioned consumer level Panasonic cam would suffice.

What seems to help the most here to improve the consumer level cam output for live is FFDShow. Without it, would call the whole thing off ....


PS Regardless of final cam unit setup, plan to go with the 5.8 wireless transmission method for outdoor cams. Transmitters send well simultaneously from 4 different locations outside to indoors 4-channel receiver -- top distance tried so far 250 feet, works okay. Actual event distance will be only 10 to 30 feet, better for preventing line of sight breakup from passers through.

The transmitters can be battery-powered (rechargeable) -- charge lasts for a good 4 hours. If only cam makers could just improve upon cam battery life -- no cables at all needed except at the receiver/converter box/laptop .... oh happy day.

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