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Track playback manager for Shoutcast


I've got an existing Shoutcast v2 server on Ubuntu that's been very stable for over a year; it plays tracks from a long (1000 hour) playlist using sc_trans. This has worked perfectly well.

But- I'd like to have a better way to control file playback- for example, my stream consists of mostly 28 to 30-minute long tracks, and I'd like to play all 2000 of my tracks one after another but start these tracks on the hour and half hour. I suppose I could write a bunch of scripts to do this, but surely there must be some kind of software out there to automate playback based on time, etc.

Anyone got any suggestions?
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Liquidsoap is a alternative to sc_trans on linux, but the support sucks and you have write also some scripts. Airtime (based on Liquidsoap) is not bad but it doesn't provide a random-play option. For that you have write scripts for Liquidsoap.

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