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Script to only install if folder exists

I am making a file to install patches on 5 computers. Two of the computers have software that the other three don't and I need it to stay that way.
How can I script so that it only runs a certain executable in the service pack if a certain folder or file already exists on the pc. And if that folder or file does not exist it skips that exe from the service pack.
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PHP Code:
!include LogicLib.nsh

${If} ${FileExists"$ProgramFiles32\Company\MyApp\App.exe"
"/oname=$PluginsDir\MyAppPatch.exe" "c:\mysourcefiles\MyAppPatch.exe"
ExecWait '"$PluginsDir\MyAppPatch.exe"' Maybe supply the "$ProgramFiles32\Company\MyApp" path as a parameter?
Delete "$PluginsDir\MyAppPatch.exe"

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