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It would be cool if WA3 used your comment display code. I don't know how the MAC gap killer works, could be similar. If so I'd be curious to know what it's cutoff value is.

As for the ogg channel thing, I meant ogg files with more than 2 channels, say 5.1. Heh this has probably worked from the start like you say, I've never tested it. I think the ogg format supports 256 channels right now but they said it could be increased (but why?!) I was going to find a link to the docs that discussed it but vorbis.com seems dead from here. So as far as you know, I should be able to rip DVD audio, get it into a 5.1 channel ogg, and play it back with WA in 5.1 on my Game Theater XP? I'm going to try this sometime, although my DVD drive is pure evil, delays the boot, sometimes not even IDE detected, evil I say.

Now off to find out why WA sometimes starts up minimized to the systray and other times not...


From xiph.org:
"Does Vorbis support mid/side stereo modes? More than stereo?
Vorbis has hooks for mid/side stereo and continuous balance stereo, but the channel mappings for both are yet to be formally specified and implemented. Currently, Vorbis channels are uncoupled.
Vorbis does currently support greater than two channels; the default multichannel mapping in the 1.0 release supports up to 255 simultaneous channels."

That info may be out of date now.
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just started tryin out_evil for an hour already, playin around with the settings (had a great time learnin )

it might b just me, but these r the settings that r worth using:
Fade on pause is like a dream came true..
what's old style anyway? it just seems 'lame' to me (let it be then)
ohh, now i understand what fade on seek means.. this one's sweet too.
hmm.. fade in on 1st start isn't as 'tweaked', it could b me but i find it not performing clear as it should.. tell me more abt this feature.
i'm against never fade in. full fadeout is worth usin too.
about auto-remove silence: at default -32dB, i had many songs startin too early.. esp 1 while started @ its 12sec! (i'm an audiophile, with many songs that arn't encoded too loudly with artifacts)
i tried playin with the vol filter.. now @ -40.5dB, will play with it even more.

oh wait, i just found something interesting. while playin a song, fade on pause ticked, for eg. pausing from 10sec, it fades back at about 13sec (including human error).. as though almost a sec of a song was totally not played at all
i hope u understand.. i'm sure u'll further improve it as time goes by.
[edit] oops, i realised this only happens with old-style fade on pause ticked. will never use that again

1 more thing, winamp's rather slow when closin & reopenin it.. seems 2 b savin configurations or sumthing like that. i guess i'll just have 2 live with it. nice work!
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yeah, fade on pause rules. "old-style" fade on pause emulates behaviors of old versions - there was no real pause, it was fading out currently played stream (and eating buffer_size-fade_time milliseconds of sound); then fading in from current decoding position (in other words: quick pause/unpause skips ahead with crossfading); after fixing it i knew that some people on IRC would moan about bringing old pause back so i made it optional.
yes, -32dB is no good, i've found that values around -40,-50 are optimal, i'll change it in next release.
not sure about open/close slowdowns, it's quite possible that my new directsound device detection code (used on startup) is doing evil things; i'll look into it.
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Try turning on crossfade in winamp3 and set the crossfade time to 1 second in the options.... from my tests this works pretty good gapless hack

David Serrano :: Winamp5 Skining Guru
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yeah, but new gapkiller thing can detect and kill silence, eg. if you have an MP3 with 5 seconds of silence at the end, you can get rid of that silence with relatively few noticeable side effects.

Steve rules.
thread continued here.
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