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Writing HKCU entries - UAC?


I'm trying to make Evernote portable with NSIS. I wrote a small script for this purpose.

When Evernote is started it wants to create HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote (with it's settings stored there) but UAC kicks in and asks if the user wants to allow this program to make changes to the system. I don't know why this happens because the current logged in user should always be able to write to his own user registry path.

If I add RequestExecutionLevel user to the script, UAC isn't used but the script seems not be able to import the necessary regfile (Settings [Install].reg) because Evernote thinks it has never been started before (and the regfile contains all necessary entries for it's key).

What am I doing wrong?

The script (atm it contains some lines that I could delete (e.g. for the x64 / x86 stuff, Evernote is only a true 32 bit application):


!define SNAME "Evernote"


!include "LogicLib.nsh"
!include "Registry.nsh"

;-----Runtime switches----
CRCCheck off
AutoCloseWindow True
SilentInstall silent
WindowIcon off
RequestExecutionLevel user

;-----Set basic information-----

Name "${SNAME}"
Icon "${SNAME}.ico"
Caption "${SNAME} Launcher"
OutFile "..\${SNAME}.exe"

;-----Version Information------

LoadLanguageFile "${NSISDIR}\Contrib\Language files\English.nlf"

VIProductVersion ""
VIAddVersionKey /LANG=${LANG_ENGLISH} "ProductName" "Evernote Launcher"
VIAddVersionKey /LANG=${LANG_ENGLISH} "LegalCopyright" "©2011"
VIAddVersionKey /LANG=${LANG_ENGLISH} "FileDescription" "Evernote"
VIAddVersionKey /LANG=${LANG_ENGLISH} "FileVersion" "1.0"

Section "Main"

;---Initialize variables
Var /GLOBAL WindowClass
Var /GLOBAL AppNameX64
Var /GLOBAL AppNameX86
Var /GLOBAL BackgroundProcessName
Var /GLOBAL OSArchitecture
Var /GLOBAL UserName

;---Populate variables
StrCpy $WindowClass "ENMainFrame"
StrCpy $AppNameX64 "EvernoteTray.exe"
StrCpy $AppNameX86 "EvernoteTray.exe"
StrCpy $BackgroundProcessName "EvernoteClipper.exe"

System::Call "advapi32::GetUserName(t .r0, *i ${NSIS_MAX_STRLEN} r1) i.r2"
StrCpy $UserName "$0"

IfFileExists "$WINDIR\SysWoW64\*.*" "" +3
StrCpy $OSArchitecture "x64"
Goto +2
StrCpy $OSArchitecture "x86"

FindWindow $R0 "$WindowClass" ""
IntCmp $R0 1 "" +3
MessageBox MB_OK|MB_ICONEXCLAMATION "${SNAME} is already running, aborted!"

;-----Saving Local Registration Data------

${registry::KeyExists} "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote" $R0
${if} $R0 == "0"
${registry::SaveKey} "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote" "$EXEDIR\Data\.LocalSettings.reg" "/G=1" $R0
Sleep 250

;-----Importing Regkeys------

${registry::KeyExists} "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote" $R0
${if} $R0 == "0"
DeleteRegKey HKEY_CURRENT_USER "Software\Evernote"
Sleep 100

IfFileExists "$EXEDIR\Data\Settings [Install].reg" "" +3
${registry::RestoreKey} "$EXEDIR\Data\Settings [Install].reg" $R0
Sleep 250

${registry::KeyExists} "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote" $R0
${if} $R0 == "0"
WriteRegStr HKEY_CURRENT_USER "Software\Evernote\Evernote" "EvernotePath" "$EXEDIR\Data"
WriteRegStr HKEY_CURRENT_USER "Software\Evernote\Evernote\AutoUpdate" "AutoUpdateCacheCurrentRN" "$EXEDIR\Data\AutoUpdate\CurrentReleaseNotes.html"
WriteRegStr HKEY_CURRENT_USER "Software\Evernote\Evernote\AutoUpdate" "AutoUpdateCacheCurrentXML" "$EXEDIR\Data\AutoUpdate\current.xml"
Sleep 100

;-----Launching Application------

${if} $OSArchitecture == "x64"
ExecWait '"$EXEDIR\App\$AppNameX64"'
${elseif} $OSArchitecture == "x86"
ExecWait '"$EXEDIR\App\$AppNameX86"'

;-----Cleaning up------

KillProcDLL::KillProc "$BackgroundProcessName"
Sleep 100

${registry::KeyExists} "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote" $R0
${if} $R0 == "0"
${registry::SaveKey} "HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Evernote" "$EXEDIR\Data\Settings [Install].reg" "/G=1" $R0
Sleep 250

IfFileExists "$EXEDIR\Data\Settings [Remove].reg" "" +3
${registry::RestoreKey} "$EXEDIR\Data\Settings [Remove].reg" $R0
Sleep 250

;-----Restoring Local Registration Data------

IfFileExists "$EXEDIR\Data\.LocalSettings.reg" "" +4
${registry::RestoreKey} "$EXEDIR\Data\.LocalSettings.reg" $R0
Sleep 250
Delete "$EXEDIR\Data\.LocalSettings.reg"


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Mh, can't find a way to edit my first post

It's solved, the original registry plugin isn't able to use restorekey without elevation...
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(Next time, please use pastebin or an attachment to share large amounts of code.)
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