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Noob trying to broadcast, but encountering a problem.

Hello everyone, I'm new to internet radio and decided to give a shot at using SHOUTcast. I've looked through the forums already and cannot find a thread which describes the error that I am encountering right now.

I'm trying to use VirtualDJ to stream with the SHOUTcast streaming service.
I have entered all the needed details under the broadcast tab:

port - 8000
along with my password and id.

I then click 'start recording/broadcasting.'.
I then play music through VDJ, but when I go to listen to my internet radio on another device, all what plays is my fallback file.

The answer may be really simple but I've literally been trying to fix this for 6 hours. There are no clear steps on how to fix this, so all help is welcome. Thanks.
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Hmmm... I'm not familiar with VDJ, but since the SHOUTcast server is playing your fallback file, that should mean, at least your server is online... but it is not receiving data from your source to server... perhaps you should check that VDJ is playing to port 8000, (or the one that the SHOUTcast server is set to listen to if not 8000)... or even the right internal IP address.

Can you post a screen shot of sc_serv.exe terminal window after you run it and start your VDJ source?
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well master.shoutcast.com:8000 redirects to some blank page, so not even your fallback is playing

first thing I'd check is VDJ logs (if it does logs) to see if it is actually connecting successfully to master.shoutcast.com

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broadcast, error

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