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Using the WinAmp Tag-Editor over API

Is it possible, to use WinAmp's internal Tageditor over Code (API) to change the Tag of MP3 files??
I want to write an edited Tag from an own Application over WinAmp into the original MP3-File...possible or impossible??

Thanks for answering...
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while that way may seem easier, I dont believe they wrote in API's to do such a thing, as always, if they have, they havent told us.
you could simply rewrite the tag yourself, ID3v1 tags are very, very simple to rewrite, ID3v2 tags are a bit harder, but if your patient, you could prolly knock it out without much of a problem.
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Tag is the work of input plugin, so if you want to control the tag editor you have to contol the input plugin. You have a lot of libraries to manage tag. Retrieve the name of the file and create your own tag editor.
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Hello, for Visual Basic, this is all the source code you need:

' Create a new code module and paste this code into it:
Option Explicit

Public Type ID3Tag
Header As String * 3
SongTitle As String * 30
Artist As String * 30
Album As String * 30
Year As String * 4
Comment As String * 30
Genre As Byte
End Type

Public Function GetID3Tag(FileName As String, Tag As ID3Tag) _
As Boolean

'Pass an variable declared as type ID3Tag to Tag Parameter
'and read its member data after the function returns (assuming
'the function returns true)

On Error GoTo GetID3TagError

Dim TempTag As ID3Tag
Dim FileNum As Long

If Dir(FileName) = "" Then
GetID3Tag = False
Exit Function
End If

FileNum = FreeFile

Open FileName For Binary As FileNum
Get FileNum, LOF(1) - 127, TempTag
Close FileNum

If TempTag.Header <> "TAG" Then
GetID3Tag = False
Tag = TempTag
GetID3Tag = True
End If

Exit Function

Close FileNum
GetID3Tag = False
End Function

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Trying to make my Own

I just write Code to get the ID3V1 & ID3V2 Tag.
The V2 is really harder to get, and to write will not be very easy...but i will try it.

But the idea over WinAmp was not bad?!?
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