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What's up with racism/sexuality?

I know there is another active thread discussing some gay issues, but I want to talk about all of this from another angle completely.

First, let's take a look at racism:
99.99% of all humans DNA is the same (roughly). Can't we all just get along? Race is irrelevant. Culture is something else entirely, and it gets associated with race WAY too much. I am prejudiced against ideas seemingly engrained in certain cultures.

If you come up to me dressed as a "gangster", and can't speak English, then I'm going to make some assumptions about you, just as if I came up to you dressed like a stock broker, seemingly unable to use any words that were shorter than 10 letters. It would be stupid not to. But it wouldn't make any difference if you were white or if I were black or vice versa. It's a CULTURAL difference.

I hate the whole idea of the slur "Oreo" (because the person is "black in skin color" but "white on the inside"). I hate the idea that "white" is a superior race. Etc, etc, etc. I'm sure you can all think of about 100 other stereotypical things associated with a race but ACTUALLY due to a culture, that are just STUPID.

Within a single race there can be many cultures, and innumerable versions of the same culture. There ARE inferior cultures, at least in one aspect or another. There MAY be some very, very slight differences between races (intelligence, health, athletic ability, etc), but overall, we're all just the same, with slightly different proportions and different pigmentations.

As for sexuality (this I'm putting in the same thread because I view it as essentially the same 'problem' - discrimination):
For the survival of the race in 'early times' (trying to create as many strong offspring as possible), one can assume that this is the best configuration:

Males - heterosexual
Females - bisexual, with a strong tendency towards males

Why? Males, being the physically stronger sex, would be more adept at hunting, and therefore, would tend to die off more quickly than females. Therefore, you would have an abundance of females, and not as many males. So? You'd have more than one female to a male.

This also would explain why males would reject male-male sex, but embrace female-female - the instinct would be "join in!". From a certain point of view, it's a genetic defect to be gay, while from another point of view, it's now a genetic defect NOT to be gay, due to crowding of the planet.

In actuality, if there were more gay people, it would actually be a plus, at this point in the human state, due to overpopulation. If we were to start populating other worlds, it could easily become a burden - you'd either have to start cloning (which would halt evolution), or you'd have to have sex or use artificial insemination (as a gay male) with females.


I'm just fed up with discrimination. In all it's forms.
discrimination: "to make a difference in treatment or favor on a basis other than individual merit"

"Affirmative action"? Ugh. State-sponsored discrimination. Sure, you may think it's "fighting racism", but what is it really doing? Separating. DISCRIMINATING.

"Black clubs" at high schools? That's fine, we do have to "embrace diversity", but what about "white clubs"? I assume you remember what happened when one of those was going to get formed.

"Gay Pride"? Ugh. Why don't you just go scream "Hey, look at us, we're different than you!! BOO!", and call it a day? (I know not all gay people support "gay pride" parades, etc)

The solution to discrimination is simple. Don't do it. Just. Don't. Do. It.

I know a lot of this doesn't describe many, many people. And for that I'm grateful. But before you go saying "that other race/sexual orientation is mean to us!", why don't you look at what your race/sexual orientation is doing first (this goes for straight/whites too)? It's a lot easier to change views in your own group than another one, particularly if some of the members of the other one want you dead.

And finally, to anyone who feels that they have been discriminated against and now want to complain about it, you had better be damn sure you have actually been discriminated against, because you may be about to shoot yourself and your entire race/sexual orientation in the foot. Remember that humans are a largely experience-oriented species - if you meet 5 gay people that you really don't like, chances are you're going to have a bad opinion of "gay people".

I hope to inspire some rational discussion on this topic. Please don't start a flame war. And sorry for the size - I just had a lot to say.

Freedom of speech is the basic freedom of humanity. When you've lost that, you've lost everything.
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