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Running several streams over port 80

I've got 3 different shoutcast stations using SAM Broadcaster.
Each SAM Broadcaster instance is on it's separate machine so in essence, each machine has it's own internal IP address. (ie - 1.3 - 1.4, etc)

How can I have all 3 machines stream over port 80. Incoming requests need to be able to route to the appropriate internal machine, I get that... but any way to do this?
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if they're all against a separate DNAS+SAM, then unless you implement some sort of proxy / routing system to direct things to the appropriate hosts based on the request (which is going to be tricky if using a v1 DNAS based setup), you're not easily going to be able to get it all working.

only native way i know for SHOUTcast is using a v2 DNAS running on port 80 with all 3 stream instances going through it when using a compatible v2 source or with a modified v2 DNAS which is able to select multiple v1 based source connections on additional internal ports.
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