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Transparency in PL window (not main or EQ)

So after playing around with region.txt it appears to do what I want, but the only window I use / keep open is the PL editor - so this is where I want it - both in regular and windowshade (minimised?) mode.

Please tell me this is possible, and the guides just leave out the required headings? These are the ones provided.


What would I use/do for the playlist? If this isn't an option, can I dig into some source code and rebuild my own version of WA2.xx to do this? Presumably adding this functionality would be very simple given it already exists for the other window / window modes, but I'd like to know where to start.
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No...digging into the source code wouldn't really help you that much. From what I can recall of the pl source - it was confusing to say the least. As there are reverse references and actions never implemented. Also, you'd have to recode the entire base of the playlist to support region mapping for transparency support....

Better off using WMC/WCL Template to create a kind of hybrid.

look in my signature for the answer to what that is...

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I'm sure playlist regioning would have been added if it weren't for the fact that the playlist window can be resized.
Having it would introduce complexities.

You would need regions for each corner since they can move. And of course you wouldn't want to allow overlapping of the regions, but how large could those corner regions be? Would there be regions for the sides of the window too? Would those be centred or tiled?

With the windows that you can apply regions to, they are of a fixed known size so these issues do not apply.

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