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where are mp3's after import or re-tagging?

Sorry if i am stupid.... but drag&drop of mp3s to the library does not copy the mp3 physically to the media library (like when ripping). So in case i want to have my mp3s nicely organized in albumartist\album\xx-title.mp3 - style..... do i have to create folders and subfolders manually when copying files from a download-page to the media library ?

Second part of the question: If re-tagging is done on the files, within winamp or outside of winamp, is there a way to automatically clean up folder structure ?

I am currently in the process of switching from itunes to winamp... but these functions i can not get to work.....
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importing to the library leaves the files where they were. we don't move files around like iTunes does so if you want files in a specific location then it's something you would need to setup (or try to find a plug-in / tool which will do it for you).

same applies for re-tagging of things, we don't mess with the filepaths on that action either.

am sure you're not going to like this response but we've never messed with such things as we leave it in the user's (i.e. your) control than the big brother mentality which say iTunes applies to things.
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Thanks for clarifying.
I did never like a tool which messes around with the locations of my files.... so i really understand your point. But as i am currently cleaning up my mp3's i recognized that itunes feature and i am using it. So i changed my mind few days ago
Nevertheless, i thought i am missing something... and will have to decide how to find my most convenient way to work around.

Again, thanks for the very fast reply !
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If your mp3s are already tagged properly with correct information for artist, album, title etc, you should be able to organize them into folders using the program mp3tag using the 'Convert tags to filename' function. You can use the tags to construct the entire pathname of each file.
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