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The YP is currently down for maintenance - Streams offline ?

So this is crazy... I've had my stations running for like 6 yrs now. All of a sudden... tonight... I noticed that all my streams stopped working. Nobody can listen. I absolutely did nothing. DNS to my domain is up and running, website, SAM Broadcaster servers, everything is running no problem.

Some errors I'm seeing:
"client connection rejected." and use Shoutcast V2

Server is currently up and public (no YP connection)

"/yp/resp/updatefreq missing"

msg: [YP2] Connection attempt failed. YP2 error code is 503 (The YP is currently down for maintenance)

Do the auth's expire or something or is this a case of the shoutcast directory being down? No problems with my dns or telnetting to my target port (80). Everything operating as normal.
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the YP message is pretty clear that it is not accessible.

the error messages you're noting imply an old 2.x version being used that doesn't cope well with YP related outages (which has been reported to OPS). no recent 2.4x version has logged "/yp/resp/updatefreq missing" and it sounds like you're still on an original 2.0 release which always needed a working YP connection to allow listeners to connect (which was changed with 2.2.1 and newer).
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