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Trying to get a clear answer on DNAS 2.6.

Ok, I have been reading through the postings, and if I'm understanding correctly any new station wishing to be listed on Shoutcast is going to need to subscribe to the premium service. Is this correct? I ask because I'm having nothing but issues trying to get a new station added. While trying to add a new station I could not add the stream URL. I was told by Support that any new station needs to use the new DNAS 2.6. while setting up the new DNAS 2.6 its asking me for the "User ID & Licence ID" where do I get that info??

Honestly, if im going to be forced to pay a fee for every station we are currently hosting on our servers JUST to have that station listed on shoutcasts site that's nuts!

So again my question is, does new stations need to have premium service to be listed on shoutcast? - Thanks
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I wanted to make a post just like this one buy figured it would be ignored or attract snark.

I'm concerned about my current stations going down any day now.
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Originally Posted by stereoscenic View Post

I'm concerned about my current stations going down any day now.
I switched to Icecast because I suspect that's next. I was told I can't stream at 320k with my own servers unless I give someone ten bucks a month. Considering it's my bandwidth I kinda had to laugh and look at alternatives. Icecast clobbers Shoutcast in terms of stability and stream quality. I was dumb for not doing this years ago. Open source means no one owns it so no one can try to extract money out of you.

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Perhaps the end is nigh
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There is the possibility to create stations for free.
However, only a maximum of 128 kbit/s go.
The StreamURL is automatically taken over when you enter the Authhash.
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