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Media Libary Problem

I have artists such as Outkast and Xzibit who have feat. artists sing along with them. The problem is I have no Outkast column in my ML its only Big Boi; same with Xzibit, he does have a tab but still some songs that go on that same CD aren't under his name, they are under the Featured artist. I guess Im trying to say is that I want the Directory name as the name of the Artist in the ML. Thanks for your help guys.
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someone correct me if im wrong, but the only way u could fix that (have big boi next to outkast) is to change the artist name of big boi to outkast in the id3 tag.
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Edit the CD Info before you rip.
ML > Device -> CD
After CDDB has auto filled in the data,
right click on one of the tracks > Edit CD Info
Manually type in the desired Artist & Album fields
then you can edit each track accordingly, eg. Title (feat. MC Bleh)

Also make sure 'Prefs > CD Ripping > Output File Settings' are set up according to taste

This way, you won't need to go renaming folder/filename/tag info afterwards.

For now, select the album/tracks in the library -> right click > Edit selected items.
Change Artist/Album fields accordingly.
You'll have to edit each Title tag individually.

You also have the option to leave it as is, or to Explore Item Folder and move/rename files. If choosing the latter, you will then need to remove the old entries from the library, and then (re)import the new ones.
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