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Angry OK - this is not funny anymore

Yesterday I encountered for the first time since I started using NSIS 9 months ago (back then I started with 2.0, now 2.27) the weirdest problem ever:

The script compiles and prepares a setup package EXE file without any problems, warnings or errors.

It even installs perfectly on several Windows XP professional machines.

However... on one, single, Windows XP Professional machine (PII 350MHz 512MB), it:[list=1][*]Reports progress as normal.[*]Reports successful completion.[*]The installed software shows up in Control Panel's "Add/Remove Programs" as installed the way it should be.[*]But... when I go to C:\Program Files folder, I find nothing there. That is, the INSTDIR folder that needs to be created (including all files in it) are simply not there. If I try to create a folder manually there, it is created (i.e. no permission or access problem).[/list=1]
This does not happen on other machines, so clearly that machine is the problematic one.

But this (problematic) machine is a FRESH INSTALL. What could possibly be wrong in a Windows XP Pro machine?

I even re-installed the entire OS on that machine (it's a test machine, I can afford doing so), but that didn't cure this weird behavior.

Has anyone seen anything like this?
Any idea what could make NSIS sensitive to apparently some misconfiguration of an XP machine?

Any tip or insight would be very much appreciated as I ran out of ides.

Thank you!
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Well, sometimes it pays to get mad.

I found the source for the mystery: That machine has two HDDs: C and D.

XP is installed on the D: drive.
So $PROGRAMFILES points to D:\Program Files\.
And I was looking under C:\Program Files\.

I could swear that when Windows installs on any driver, even if it's not the master, it somehow maps it to C:\ by default. I must have been dreaming since Microsoft changed that.

Anyway, all is well now - and at least documented for posterity in thsi forum.

Thank you all for listening!
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damn microsoft.
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Originally posted by jackkoho
damn microsoft.
How is this microsofts fault? Maybe its a dual boot system, or some app has hardcoded c:, but unless you changed it, programfiles will be on the %systemdrive%

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