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NSIS plugin via Delphi (codeoffset for function)


I need to create plugin for NSIS installer using Delphi. I can't use C/C++, because some of the code is already Delphi-written in secondary project. I used manual - NSIS\Examples\Plugin\nsis.pas. Can someone explain me this part of implementation code?

PHP Code:
function Call(NSIS_func String) : Integer;
codeoffsetInteger//The ID of nsis function
:= 0;
codeoffset := StrToIntDef(NSIS_func0);
  if (
codeoffset <> 0) and (g_extraparameters <> nilthen
:= codeoffset 1;
Result := g_extraparameters.exec_code_segment(codeoffsetg_hwndParent);
For example, I call this function: NSIS_Call('MyBestFunctionInScript').
But, "MyBestFunctionInScript" (value of "codeoffset") will be converted at 0 always (why StrToIntDef?). Maybe need to remove StrToIntDef on other function?

In C-example I find this interface (maybe it's normal working convertion string function name at codeoffset):

PHP Code:
INT_PTR NSISCALL nsishelper_str_to_ptr(LPCTSTR s);
#define myatoi(s) ( (int) nsishelper_str_to_ptr(s) ) // converts a string to an integer 
But, I can't find an implementation. Can anyone help me? Big thanks.
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Call does not take the string name of a NSIS function.

The NSIS code needs to call GetFunctionAddress and pass the returned value to your plugin function (and it is passed as a string). Your plugin function then uses this string with Call().

nsishelper_str_to_ptr is just a internal StrToInt style function used by C plug-ins.

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thanks! all worked now. =) my eyes are a little blind
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