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My bitch for the day

I have a lot of gripes, but today's is on my nerves.

Look. Dog's get roundworm like we get a cold. Every dog I ever had needed some piperatine citrate tablets. As puppies and occasionally as adult dogs. I was looking. I could get 500 in England for $20 US. I used to be able to get them at the grocery store.

Can I do that now? Noooo!!! I have to pay a vet $100 and wait for testing like it's launching the space shuttle.

That she has a normal dog case of roundworm could indicate an immune system disease. OMG... What does that cost me?

Vet Lady? Would you like to take my rectal temperature with your finger?
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why can't you get the pills? are they not publicly available where you live? I can get them here at any random petstore

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I can and did get the pills. Ordered from Amazon. I think somebody sued somebody because these are not pet or grocery store stock anymore. I'm sure the vet a half a mile a way has some too. She just wanted to stick me up for an office call, tests.... bla bla bla.

BB is fine now.

All we have for pet stores is big boxes around here. Their vets also wanted to shake me upside down.

I'm gonna call around after this. I'm gonna ask the same question. When I find a vet that doesn't want $100 for a $10 box of worm pills, that's BB's new vet.
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