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Medial library 'ghost' clicks with 150% font & items size in windows


I use a Windows 7 x64 Professional machine attached to my TV as a media center. Since the text in default setting appears very small for all applications, I set the windows text & items size to 150%. However, when I try to use winamp with this setting it seems like the the windows shown are still the normal size while the window size used to interpret the location of a mouse click is with larger windows. In other words, when I click on an item in the media library, it will activate another and I can't click on some of the items at all.

For my old TV I just reverted to 100% text size but with my new full hd, this is no longer an option. Does someone know a way to fix this or another way to increase font size without decreasing screen resolution?

Thx for your help!
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is a known issue that's been present since Windows 7 came out and depends on how much you increase the size and also what skin you use. up to 125% apparently works ok with the Bento skin, though 150%+ can work in the classic skin and some other modern style skins i believe (can't remember the exact skins that are known to have the issue other than the Bento based ones).

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