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My Station, 2 questions

Well for some odd reason my station isn't working, i haven't changed anything sent i got it up and running and now it's like Retrying, retrying...idk if i did something without knowing or what.


Port base - 8000
Transcoder Admin Port - 5000
IP/Address of DNAS - localhost
Source Bind Address
Listeners Bind Address
DJ Port - 6000
DJ SC2 Port - 6000

I was wonder before, how do you set it up for someone else to DJ on your station? [One of my friends wanted to be a DJ on my station, on their computers (the live over 200 miles away and more)]
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If you haven't changed anything with any of the SHOUTcast configurations then it could be a problem with your network, specifically, the private IP for the server might have changed. Without seeing your logs I can only stab at a guess based on your current description of the problem.

If the DNAS is on a machine that's behind the router (or other NAT device) you'll also need to forward PortBase+1, in your case, port 8001 if you want to allow other people over the internet to source directly to the DNAS. Otherwise just forward your DJ ports (6000 and 6001 in your case) to allow them to source to the Transcoder. See the section on DJ support to assist you in configuring DJ's in sc_trans.

I've found an issue with sc_trans on linux not able to set up both DJPort and DJ2Port at the same time and causing both ports not to run. If you're running this on linux this might be why. If this is the case, just set one of the DJ ports, not both. This issue may or may not be resolved in the next release of sc_trans so keep a watch on the forums.
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