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Is this possible?


I haven't made a skin for winamp before, I've had a skim through the tutorial for making one and it looks relatively straight forward, although obviously time consuming, which I would be prepared to undertake.

I decided to have a quick mock-up in photoshop of how I would like to see my skin and just wondered if it was plausible at all.

Would any of the elements in that not work?

Obviously Im missing a huge chunk of the rest of the UI, but that isnt as important as this bit, as those bits wont sit on my screen every hour of every day while I work.

Any comments regarding the mockup or alternative similar skins to save me the effort would be very much appreciated!

p.s - I currently use MMD3 and like the style of the Spirit skin, but I have got a little bored of MMD3 but dislike the overly simple Spirit skin. So I decided to craft out my own version, the practicality of a skin like MMD3 and a similar style to Spirit.

Thanks, Tom.
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yeah, that should be a fairly straight forward skin, and looks like there are plenty of spots to give it a little extra with some maki coding .
it also looks pretty nice

edit: you might want to look up the play to pause script and use that - it basically combines the play and pause buttons into one that changes graphics as appropriate.
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If you need help with with the coding you can post a thread over @ the skinconsortium forums.

I have a script for playpause & one to force dta on without any user interaction :P... Since Winamp only runs on Win2000/XP+ all their clients now support dta so no worries

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