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L.A. Noire

for fucks sake.

about all this game does is make me wish it was the next GTA, it's like the stripped chop shop version of GTA and yeah sure the faces look like actual people when they talk and it's more realistic in that single aspect but.... the fucking graphics are shit otherwise.

i mean, what the fuck is an x3 setting going to do for anti-aliasing? i figured this would CTD with some error about invalid FSAA multiplier in use or something but it actually runs in it for some strange reason, must be a proprietary setting... i guess? and why does the texture for the road look like someone smeared baby shit on a 1 inch piece of tile and made the roads with a few hundred of those per?

it's really good in 3D though, seriously there's a fuckload less to do and see but this is a ways up there on the "awesome in 3D" list, it's riding alongside games that are way out of LA Noire's league (such as batman arkham asylum, fallout 3/NV) honestly, good sense of depth with this one and got the convergence set up nice and easily right away too there is one slightly annoying thing though, it's only got brightness and not a gamma adjustment setting and it's a kinda dark game already and the brightness thing in game isn't really making much of a difference, if not for that though this is a pretty decent 3D vision showcase.

then again.... overall this game is kinda.... boring in all honesty, i mean don't get me wrong i'm interested in it and it's actually a fairly decent reversal of GTA and the mechanics to play the opposite side of the law are cool too in fact it's just..... i don't know really, one thing i do know though, i won't start this one up often if at all once i get skyrim, it's good for killing time i guess, but i won't call it back for a second date once the starvation for games that i haven't already finished is over.

but yeah, it's decent enough, but the derpbox low res baby shit smear textures and lack of decent amounts of anti-aliasing aren't exactly a nice thing to have to put up with on the gaming master race and the driving physics are just outright ignorantly horrible, i swear to god this game doesn't have cars it has superballs with sticks that dangle behind it to keep it moving the direction you tried for.

and lastly but not least, sometimes i just wanna haul off and shoot a motherfucker (it's usually the easiest way to adjust the convergence too, find a way to make your crosshair stay up) - can't, no wonder GTA will keep this title in the backseat if not the trunk.

oh and while i was re-reading that post wanted to add:

i really like the intuition system that they added, it would be nice to see a detective game done in a way where you didn't need some game system to augment it to the point where your average joe dumb dumb could be an effective detective (dream on, it's there for a reason) but there is one huge gaping, monstrous flaw in the intuition thing, it all comes down to process of elimination, now that's not really too bad of a thing but it does kinda suck knowing that because of that you'll often just be making a wild guess in your first questioning of the suspects.

it's a minor gripe i admit, but if there's going to be this level of grading of your detective work at least give me a way to start off investigations somewhat well for the first one, it sucks knowing that if not for that one wrong answer - before you had much if anything to go on to a point - you would have had everything for that case.

if only you could interrogate your suspects twice in this game, or hell let me spend an intuition point to undo an interrogation i screwed up on. [/edit]

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They did an amazing job with graphics and facial expressions. I was appalled, but I agree, although approach of being a detective was good, it had a very hard GTA feel that made me want to run people over, steal cars and shoot hookers. Sadly shortly after my detective career ended
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it sound sad
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