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.:: version history ::.

v1.2e (4/10/01)

- Fixed a bug introduced in the last ExecShell

- Added neat zip2exe project, an experimental ZIP to EXE converter.

v1.2d (4/9/01)

- Made it so that the browse box in directory selection uses the part of the default install directory following the last \ as the default dir name. If there is no \ in the default install directory, it uses the installer name.

- Made uninstall icon offset stored in header, as opposed to in data block.
This means that the only things in the datablock left are structured blocks of data. This means we can make the datablock optimizer much smarter, much faster, and nearly as effective (i.e. 99.99999% as good).

- Datablock optimizer is on by default now, and very fast.
Simplified datablock functions (there is now just add_data(), which handles all compression, and compression is done directly into the datablock).

- Added Start Menu group, including shortcuts to useful things online (i.e. the template generator, etc)
Made File command fail on wildcards with no files found, even if in recursive mode.

- Made File/InstNSPlug report status better.

- Added more options to ExecShell (at Andras Vargas' suggestion)

- Made it so you can specify the function name for RegDLL to call.


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