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Bryon Stout
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VPS and shoutcast?

I planned on getting a dedicated server but I just fell upon a really good deal on a VPS with the exact same specs but half the price.

Is there anything I need to look out for if getting a VPS?
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I have a quad-core VPS with 300MB RAM running Debian through DreamHost for $15/month and it's working great so far. We'll see what happens when the directories we're listed with are updated to reflect the new server.

I ran icecast2 on it until last week but made SHOUTcast my primary streaming server now. I'm running three instances, four streams (192, 128, 64 and 32kbps) for each station and relaying all streams to icecast2 to remain in the xiph directory.

The only thing I can mention for you to look out for is this...

I need to conserve bandwidth where one of the stations originates, so I opted to run sc_trans on the server to take the 192kbps stream and transcode it to the other bitrates... for all three stations. It ended up being a little more intensive on CPU usage than I expected, although, so I reconfigured the terrestrials station I stream four send four separate streams to the server. Things are much better now but, again, I'll have to see what happens when the listeners start showing up on the new server.

Basically, be aware of my experience if you need to transcode streams server-side.

Good luck!
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The only issue I had when I used VPS is that the CPU Usage was high, and my host closed my account
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ask the VPS hosting company. my VPS wont allow for background processes that are launched from the shell and part of the TOS with my host also states that if I need something like that I have to use a dedicated host and not a VPS or any type of shared host.

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