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Making a group unselectable

Hi all,

This is my first post here, so apologies if I made a forum no-no.

I am trying to make a script that has multiple sections, and some of those sections are in groups. What I need is for only one section to be selectable at a time. This I have done, however, when I check the sub-section box, all of the sections in that group get selected. Is there a way to a) make the sub-section box select the first of the section, or b)make the sub-section box non-functional?

I also have a Read Only document, which now gets unselected, but this is a side problem. I will probably just make the RO install with every selection to avoid that.

Again, very new to this stuff, perhaps I didn't explain very well.


Edit: Perhaps I can do better

Basically I have:


My goal is that someone can select A1, A2, B1, B2, C, OR D. When the installer starts, this is possible. However, if A is selected A1 and A2 will become selected. Then B can be selected, at which time A1 and A2 remain selected and B1 and B2 are selected. At this point, clicking on C will deselect all and select C (which is good).

Is there a way to "break" A and B?

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You can probably enforce your behaviour manually by creating an .onSelChange function, where you get and set sectionflags using the sections.nsh header macros.
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