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Question IDE/GUI for NSIS?

Hey guys,

I'm looking for a GUI for NSIS, I found a few, but they only show text in colors, I need one that does what the Plugin for eclipse does, before you ask, I tried the plugin for eclipse, but it doesn't load in kepler x64, so I can't use it.

Any ideas?


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Are you talking about a dialog designer?

There is a sticky in this forum with a dialog designer. HM Nis Edit has both a dialog designer and a scripting wizard.

As NSIS is mostly scripting based it is natural to be working a lot with just text...

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Not just dialogs, a whole suite for it, to help create complex installers, like simultaneous x86/x64 installer, INI, text file editor, pre-requisites installer, etc.
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Google is your friend. NSIS is script based, nothing is going to change that.

You're basically after a high-level based gui that hides most of the script from the programmer and uses a user friendly way to build an installer. The gui would have to create an nsis script to compile anyway.

I aggree a tool like that would help immensely, but unless someone puts their hand up and writes one, then we just have to make do with what's available.

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