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An idea for future versions of Winamp

I'm a courious man, so, I download and install windows media 11, well, microsoft show the same stuff, but something took my atention, organize my library by albums, and show a picture from the album so I can identify my music easly and make playlists in less time. Almost, in amaroK 1.4 for KDE(Linux), the album's covers are downloaded automatically from internet. I thing that these are good ideas, will make winamp esier.

PD Sorry if I wrote gramatically bad in some cases, but this horrible language... I'm mexican.
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two things, one: the media library's now playing shows the album cover for the song you're currently playing, and two: this forum is for plug-in development, you should ask that in the winamp wishlist forum.

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theres a plugin called AlbumList that kinda does some of that..Its what i use to browse by album
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Also useful is the Cover & Tag plugin which uses the video window to show the cover of the currently playing album.
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