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Er, how do you actually use WinAmp on Android?

I use WinAmp on my computer and it's great. You go File/Add Media to Library and you can then play your songs.

So I've copied some music to the media/audio folder on my android phone and downloaded WinAmp from the app store. None of this music shows up in WinAmp and after 20 minutes of playing around I have been unable to find a way to add it to any playlist or anything.

So what am I supposed to do? This should be so simple.
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Looked into this a bit further. WinAmp does correctly identify a recording that I made on my phone which is an "amr" file. But it doesn't recognise "wma" files on my phone. Odd because this is the format that it plays on my computer. Do I have to rescan the music into a different format for my phone?

Edit: Did a Google search and an app called PowerAmp is recommended. I've downloaded it but, while it recognises the files, it won't play them properly, just a bit of scratchy noise for each song.
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Winamp is currently not able to see the "Albums" or "Artists" (or anything, for that matter) from the external SD. This is a feature we've all asked and they say it's technically much more complex than it sounds (different phones see external SDs differently or something). So to play your songs, they must be in the phone's internal memory.
The only way you'll get to see songs in the External SD is by using the "Browse Folder" option in the PRO version.

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WinAmp for Andriod - syncing

I was wondering why when I sync up my desktop WinAmp with my Android WinAmp it only showed the Razr's internal memory.

I've found that if I hook my Razr up to my (XP3) desktop, the internal memory and the "external" memory show up as two separate drives. When I send music from my desktop WinAmp to my Razr, it initially showed ONLY the internal memory as an option. The music files then appeared on the Android screen without information about file size.

But if I copy the music from the internal drive to the "external" SIM drive using Windows Explorer, Android WinAmp finds it AND shows the file size. Go figure...

Wait, it gets stranger. I then rebooted the desktop, connected the Android phone and pulled up Explorer showing both of the Razr's drives ("I" and "J" for internal and external, on my desktop). Then I ran desktop WinAmp. NOW desktop WinAmp shows BOTH of the Razr drives!

Seems like WinAmp isn't quite stable yet...

But my takeaway from this is that the desktop IS able to recognize the SIM once it has music on it and has been used by the Android WinAmp.

Wish I could explain further, but I'm getting confused just reading what I've written...
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Don't know if people are still watching this thread but, in order to sync to ext. sd you need to install your phones current drivers (for me it was from kies), then, usually after a few minutes, eventually the sd card will show up under device (only for usb transfer). The sync isn't smart and is probably quicker to use explorer, but it "works". If your sd card is large (mines 32gb), then it might take 5 minutes for wimamp to read it (since it reads the data) and for it to refresh and show up.
Winamp on android finds music in the /music folder of your ext. sd, but I've only used Winamp sync, not explorer.
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