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I'm not sure if this is on-topic...

Ok. When I went to upgrade my Winamp [not Pro], I clicked on the upgrade the pre-existing Pro link, but I didn't realize that it said Pro. I clicked before I read, but then I realized it before it finished downloading, so I cancelled it.

Now this file is sitting on my desktop saying the file is in use by some other program. I restarted my comp, and it still says that, even though both Winamp, Firefox, and their respective system tray agents were off.

Think you could help a bit? Specifically what kind of program would use your incomplete installation file?
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Oh, by the way, semi-update.

I re-downloaded the same installer, and wrote it over this file. Now its a complete Pro-installer/upgrader, which is useless to me, but still cannot be deleted.

>= \
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Weird. What's your Windows OS? What other processes are running concurrently?

Try using Killbox > http://www.thespykiller.co.uk/files/killbox.exe

In the "Full path of file to delete" box, browse to/type in the path to the downloaded file. Checkmark "Standard File Kill" (default setting) and click the "Delete" button (little red circle with a white cross). That should get rid of it, but if not, checkmark "delete on reboot" instead. Note that Killbox will probably create a C:\!Submit folder with a backup of deleted files (mainly because Killbox is ostensibly used for killing malware, and the purpose of the !Submit folder is for submitting the malware to AV companies/sites, etc), but you can safely delete that folder ...

By the way, I suggest that you stick with 5.08d or 5.08e for now, until the known bugs with 5.09 are fixed in 5.091 (due hopefully within the next week).
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