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Set appropriate max user number in Shoutcast DNAS server


I have installed Shoutcast in a VPS, and i want to know what would be the appropriate number of users that would allowed my VPS. Here are the details:

1 vCPU Core Intel Xeon E5-2650L*v4
1GB Memory
20GB SSD Disk
2TB Transfer

I'm planning on transmiting with Winamp DSP plugin, MP3@128Kbps.

Thank you.
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a VPS with traffic limitation I think it's bad (the most host provider have the "Fair Use" traffic flat => Streaming not allowed in Fair Use (only info).

With your 20 TB traffic limit:

- (128 Kbit/s / 8) = 16 KB per second
- 16 KB * 60 = 960 KB / minute
- 960 KB * 60 = 57.600 KB / hour
- 57.600 KB * 24 = 1.382.400 KB / day
- 1.382.400 KB * 30 = 41.472.000 KB / 30 days

Now change in GB: 39.55 GB for 1 listener per 30 days by listening 24/7 (I calculate always the worst case).

- 20 TB = 20.480 GB
- 20.480 GB / 39,55 GB = Max. 517 listener (for 30 days and very active listeners).

Maybe setup lower value for security reasons (not that your stream is offline because you reached the TL.
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I am running Shoutcast on the following VPS:

Centos 6
2 core CPU
2G memory
20TB bandwidth
1Gb Nic

I find that the cpu usage (using top command) goes to 100% at about 800 listeners.

You would need to check the speed of the network card, doing a rough calculation at 100M card will allow max of 800 listeners (100Mbs /128kbs) - not sure if this is correct but sort of sounds correct.

Hope that helps you!
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