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Miss placed div tag on new theme.

So yeah the closing div for the <div class="headerMain"> is a way down the bottom right before the footer, which I assume is a mistake.

Oh and the whole dark red search button and bar at the top do not fit in with this new theme.
And blue links? Known to go with the dark red very well...

(One more thing that no-one will bother looking at is that the page fails quite badly when passed through ye olde w3c validator - mostly due to the forums being html4 and the page being declared as xhtml, but yeah.)

Also, please add some more bloat to the site, I don't think it's got enough right now.

yeah, I'm done being petty now.

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I just want to add something without making a new thread:

Have you noticed that when you click on/are in "Community" (button at the top), the whole button is blending with the rest of the site (ie. no line on the top of the button)? However with any of the other buttons it doesn't blend with the rest of the site, they have a top-line on the button. Its only the "Community" button which blends with the rest of the site. I think it looks best when it blends, it looks more modern..
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