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Ads Cutting In And Out

So one thing I am having an issue with is the ads cutting in and out a lot. All the music plays fine, but they cut out for me. Even my friends say they have the issue as well. I used Audacity to create exactly 120 seconds of silence, with the tags "Advert:". Advertisements play, but they are choppy. I still play 2-5 every hour, regardless. It isn't my internet, as I have enough upload speed to livestream HD video. I am using WinAmp for this.
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EDIT: Sometimes they straight up don't play, and other times they do.
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Please could you send the SCSS station name and details to us via either the support form or the support@ email address.

The only station I could find in the RMO associated with the same email address is ChillUp FM, but it doesn't seem to be broadcasting at the moment....

Note that the ad trigger files shouldn't really contain silence

Listeners in monetized countries will hear our ads, but listeners in all other countries will hear the content of the trigger files instead - so 2 minutes of silence might be slightly offputting for them....

The most common cause for stuttering/choppy/buffering ads with SCSS stations is if you are broadcasting at a different format and/or bitrate to the format & bitrate configured in the RMO. Make sure both are the same.
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