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The universe is not imploding its actually accelerating its expansion, second an atom is not smaller than a nucleus a nucleus is part of an atom. What will bake ur noodle as the oracle said, is quantum physic, which is used to describe the subatomic world. In quantum physics nothing is for sure, u can only calculate the probability of a single outcome actually happening. Whats more to cook ur thinker is that in this ultra tiny world, time does not always flow in one direction, so in a sence what happens in teh future can affect the past.....
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i know what they are they just scare me somehow.... right now the universe is imploding... so we've got to get to another multiverse in the next trillion years sound like fun? and einsteins theory is that the weakest "object" will die ... another theory i've heard... is about something thats smaller than a nucleus (atoms etc) and its meant to be like a cone similar to this example... of a cave if you yell in one cave, then another will the effect be the same? brrpt! NO! the structure is not the same... so take this into something like gold or another object and trying to turn lead to gold is not impossible...its only missing 1!!! element, leonardo da vinci wrote 2 pages about this and the other "2nd page" misteriously disappeared... errr thats my topic
The universe is imploding?
An atom is smaller than a nucleus?
Einstein said what now?
Cone shaped?
What do caves have to do with astrophysics?
How can lead (an element) be "missing 1!!! element"?
What does alchemy have to do with astrophysics?
What did Da Vinci have to do with astrophysics?

erm its impossible to imagine a dimension, but we can theorise about these "other dimensions" that ARE REAL and aloong way ago
Why is it impossible to imagine a dimension?
How can a dimension, or anything, be "aloong way ago"?

Why can't you just *think* before you post?
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Of course transmuting lead into gold is possible. Doing so would just cost more than buying gold

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Originally posted by MegaRock
Jules: Well I'm a mushroom-cloud-layin' motherfucker, motherfucker! Every time my fingers touch brain I'm "SUPERFLY T.N.T", I'm the "GUNS OF THE NAVARONE". In fact, what the fuck am I doin' in the back? You're the motherfucker should be on brain detail. We're fuckin' switchin' right now. I'm washin' the windows and you're pickin' up this nigger's skull.

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Originally posted by Germ
You are now on my hit list
Funny, he's on a list of mine, too.

Freedom of speech is the basic freedom of humanity. When you've lost that, you've lost everything.
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yaay! im going to heaven or hell at last

i am not normal, no really.
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Anybody think the idea that the Earth is hollow could be true?

...especially since scientists are saying that since the earthquake the earth has been ringing like a bell?
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A force equal to about 32 gigatons of TNT would make most anything ring like a bell. It's called reverberation.

So no, the Earth isn't hollow.

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