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Winamp is hanging! HELP!

One of my two Winamp instances is continually hanging after about 15minutes. The other does not hang. No error message, but Winamp stops running and becomes unresponsive. It shows 0% CPU use when hung.

I feed two 48k streams to two Shoutcast servers. I have two PCs that do nothing else but run Winamp/Shoutcast plugin to feed these servers. These are: XP pro SP3, dual core Pentium D 820 2.7 GHz 4 GB RAM

I have 5 Mb/sec upstream capacity on my Internet connection, 25 Mb/sec down. Ping times to my server are 9~15 ms. Packet loss is well below 1%.

I've swapped machines- the problem stayed with the stream that hung on the other machine. (I.e., Winamp hanging on one of my streams is independent of hardware. Doesn't matter which PC I run it on, when I feed that stream Winamp will hang.)

Nothing in the Windows logs except "Application Hang" in the Application log.

I kill Winamp in Task Manager then re-start it and it'll run for a while then hang.

Using Winamp v 5.581 (x86)

Any suggestions?
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