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I converted some audio wavs to mp3; amd the converted files are created with names like "title.wav.wma". These types of files play back fine; however when I tried to convert them back to wav, they cannot be converted.
If you know how to convert them back to Wav please email me at onegoodrsn@aol.com. Thanks.
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You just made WMA files, not WAVs... Due to legal crap with Microsoft, you can't do anything to WMAs once they are made, so you need to decode the original files to WAV using the Diskwriter plugin. =)

[edit: Wait a minute... The originals are WAV files. So why do you want to encode then decode them?]
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Try that
Or what sarge said

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There've been many, many threads on this subject - basically, due to licensing requirements, you can't decode wma files using the diskwriter plugin any more. However, you can replace the current in_wma.dll with an earlier version of the WMA input plugin, re-enabling this functionality.

A thread which includes details and links to most of the software you might need can be found here:


although the link to the actual in_wma.dll on that page doesn't work, because of incorrect capitalisation. The actual link is:



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