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Extraneous attempts to log in as source

SPECS: Ubuntu 12.04.2 Shoutcast server v2, dual core opteron 2 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 50 mb/s up&down internet line

Looking at my log file, I see multiple IP's trying to connect as SOURCE when I start sc_serv. What are these and should I consider them intrusive, should I put themir IP's in the ban list....?

My sc_trans is on the same box so it's connecting via, logging in / authenticating no problem

I'm just wondering why these connection attempts are coming in from all these other IP addresses, about 20 IP addresses each tried a few times to log in, failed at password and gives up. Some will try again to log in periodically; some try once and give up.

I WHOIS'd a bunch of them and they are from IPs in various ISP's pools- Verizon, Time Warner, etc.
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the ban list won't really help with source connections (though i cannot remember if i changed things internally since build 29 for it to apply to them as well or not).

not knowing the port you're having issues with (i.e. if you're using a port more for http traffic then that could be causing this to be apparent), it could be it's just from the DNAS being made to think it's getting source connections from the traffic coming in and so tries to handle it and then will fail when it doesn't validate correctly (as is what has to do with any source connection).

other thing is to check that there's not other services trying to run on the same port (that has been known to lead to seemingly weird connection behaviour).

as long as your source is connected and the stream is going, then i realise it's not ideal but you're often going to get random traffic hitting the DNAS and as long as your source is the one connected (and stays connected) then that's about all i can think off for the moment,
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Well I don't know if it helped, but I stuck this attempting-to-log-in IP on the ban list, and also another IP that was attempting to connect as a listener then breaking connection over 10 times per second; my server used to lock up daily but is OK now, even though sc_serv shows 149% CPU utilization (on a dual CPU Linux server, top shows CPU% this way)

So sc_serv is breathing hard but things are still running- still accepting new listeners, still showing up in YP.

FYI port is 8000

Nothing else using 8000 on the box.
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