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Prevent outside source

My server seems to be undergoing an attack

A source out on the Internet is trying to connect several times per second, from different IP's, failing on Bad Password (I am hoping they don't have a brute force password cracker running and it's just using the same bad password over and over)

This has driven sc_serv CPU utilization to 110% on a 2-core 1.8 gHz Ubuntu 12.04.2 box- which is not good.

My actual sources are two instances of sc_trans running on the same machine; there are two streams being served by sc_serv

Is there a way to force sc_serv to ignore attempts to connect a source from the outside? I tried srcip= but with that setting my sc_serv could not start, it said port 8000 was already in use. (In sc_serv.conf does srcip-x.x.x.x mean "a source may only connect for IP address x.x.x.x? Or am I misunderstanding this....?)
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