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Is there an easier way?

After uninstalling iTunes and several other music organizers, I'm hoping Winamp is the answer to my music management frustrations.

I'm in the process of adding albums and tunes to the library. Every time I want to add a new artist/album, there is a 6 step process to get to the folders where most of the music is located. This is tedius to say the least.

Some of the other organizaers have a tiny feature that makes this less of a chore but Winamp doesn't seem to offer it. I'm talking about a full path to the last folder in the chain. Once there, if it was listed, I could copy it and past it into Winamp to get each new addition to the library.

Am I missing it, or is it simply not possible to do that in Winamp, which lists only the last folder?
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Hi tbone,
Yeah, very irritating. Winamp does have a current working directory which is used when adding folders/files to the Playlist, and this is what is used when adding files to the Media Library as well. Unfortunately, this doesn't get updated when adding to the ML, only when adding to the Playlist.
This has been asked for before, but don't know if there are any plans to give the ML it's own CWD.

An alternative approach is to work from Windows Explorer and drag and drop files on to the ML window, or rt-click folder > Add to Winamp's Media Library (assuming that particular Folder Context Menu item is enabled in Prefs > File Types > Shell Options).

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It's embarassing being stupid

This comes under the heading of 'read the directions, genius'.
Took a look at the Help file and there was the solution to my problem. In the File menu, under Add Media To Library, went to the folder that contained the music I wanted to add and turned WinAmp loose. It scanned all the songs in the main and subdirectories, and added them to the Library.

I could say..."well, I'm new here, how would I know that reading the directions might be a good first step. I mean, how many of us out here ever read the Help file for anything? This is the reason software publishers stopped printing user manuals. The cost just couldn't be justified when nobody ever even looked at them."


My apology, UJ. I'll try not to let it happen again.
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Hi tboneman,

It would not hurt to browse through the Winamp Preferences Guide too. Useful customization info there.


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in prefs, you want to set up the watch folders, and pay close attn to the options in watch folders, esp metadata ones.

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