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REQUEST: searching all of metadata in "Jump to file"

I propose adding a second input box [filter] in the "Jump to file"

Right now it searches just the filenames. If that current one was to search also throughout the metadata, in most cases it would create a chaos. But if there was a second box for that, that would search everything else [tag fields] and not the filenames, then this chaos would be of a lesser degree and would be something optional

And also, if the original filter [just for filenames] and this new one [just for tags] would be working together at the same time, then searches would be even better. Because the user could put first some part of the filename [being presumably also a part of title tag]; and then the user could narrow down search result by writing down something from metadata

I use very often Mp3tag and through it's filter box I can pretty much find quickly anything I want, if I remember how can I look for it [if I remember any kind of metadata like a year, album or artist]. And I works by searching everything [filenames and tag fields]
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