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Incorrect Multi-channel decoding?

I ripped an AC3 file and used AZID 1.8 to decode it to a 6 channel wav file and subsequently used OGGENC to encode a 6 channel Vorbis file from it.

The command for AZID was:
azid -a -p 6ch in.ac3 out.wav

which is the equivelant of:

azid -a -d3/2 -L0 -l1 -ol,r,sl,sr,c,lfe in.ac3 out.wav

While playing both the WAV and OGG files, WinAMP 3 seems to succesfully output 6 channels, but sends them to the wrong speakers. For instance, the LFE channel seems to go to SR, and L and R seem to recieve SL and SR.

Whats up with that? Does WinAMP have different speaker mappings then other software?
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support for multichannel vorbis decoding is currently broken and will be fixed in v3.01 (or whatever next "public" version comes out).
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