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Building embedded MP3 player using Winamp


i want to build a small computer which should can the following:
- play MP3 and WAV files
- play Audio CD-ROM's
- record music and encode it to MP3
- IR remote control
- HD44780 or T6963 LCD
- Upload files via network
- database with search etc. (updateable via network ...)
- a HTTP frontend for creating playlists etc.

Can this be done with only winamp and some plugins ?

I am a C++ developer and i have skills at electronics. My only problem is the music part ...

Therefore i don't know which Winamp version i should use ?
- 2.x
- 3.x
- 5.x

At Winamp 2.x time, i played a little bit with writing plugins and control winamp from an ext. app...

Should i try to use Winamp only, or should i control it with a own app, which handles all (database, LCD, ....) except the music part.

Thank you very much for your help!

Best regards

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