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Is ther PI that hides winamp on defocus ?


Plz dont flame me. Im not able to write my own plugin cos im not programer.

I thought about simple plugin that will hide winamp when you click on desktop or hide it when you defocus winamp.

For now i use Winamp in systray mode only so i dont have Winamp on start bar. Im also usig widows shortcut keys (ctrl+alt+w) for Winamp so i dont have to click on it i just press ctrl+alt+w and it shows up.

Maybe its stupid idea for plugin but plz can someone post link to it if ther is one.

Maybe if there isnt one can someone plz write it ? Probably its pretty short code for this plugin and for You guys its few minutes to make it and it can save alot of time for others.

Or just there is way so set an option in winamp that ive havent found plz help somehow

PS. If its worng forum for this plz tell me also.

Thanks ...

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this may be what you're looking for with this being the latest supported version of the plugin. moving to the discussion forum as well (more fitting there)

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I'm curious if that actually does something, but I'm not about to try it. >_>
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