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Getting Paid? Estimated Earnings?

So - I did everything, setup those Advert: file, got content rolling, station works like it should.

Where on the gawd-awful interface do I see an "estimated earnings" like you see in YouTube for monetized channels?

The only thing I got from someone at Shoutcast HQ was some mumblings about "impressions". Sounds like putting ads on a web server and getting paid by "impressions".

I look at my Stats and I see hundreds of distinct IPs connecting, I show hours of streaming, but isn't anyone tracking how often my server spits an Advert: trigger?

Where's my "estimated earnings"?

How often will I get paid?

How come no one has asked me for direct deposit information?

How com no one has asked me where to mail my revenue checks?

Did I make $1 or $100?
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Did you ever find out how to collect your money? Do you know what would be considered standard pay per ad?
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Well, interesting. I too have just done this. All set up. Streaming the adverts. What a mission I must say. But like you, no idea of how or if... I ever get paid. The silence is deafening ! :-)
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Does anyone know how the impressions refer to the amount we get? In the last month I have had something in the region of 200,000 impressions - but how does that refer to the money we earn?

Please help - perhaps shoutcast will be reading this and give us the information??
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Can anybody give me a rough idea of pay from playing adverts in your shoutcast stream with 5000 listeners per month?
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