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Problem with CD tracks.

Sorry to keep posting the same prob over again but I've had no luck cross referencing all the links possible for days now as well as the FAQ's etc.
Intuitively I feel that it's a realtivly simple prob--but no luck.
Here goes.....
No problems playing CD's with winamp (2.80),Windows Media or any other built in CD player up to now.
I'm using CD Reader v.195 and the prob didn't exist until I downloaded it. I changed all the settings as instructed and It works reasonably well except that when a new track starts, it begins prematurely in the time frame of the last second of the previous track, then a fragment of a pause in the gap and at "0:00" the intro continues, essentially cutting off the first split second of the song.
No skipping on the continuance of the playback until the next song as described.
Initial skipping probs were solved when I changed My Drive'G' cd options to 128 sectors. Using interface ASPI.
I have wave out plugin v1.03. Crossfading DirectSound output v1.37.
I've tweaked the buffers ad nauseum.
In preferences, when Cross fading direct.is highlighted and I attempt to play WA I get Error Code 80070057-"can't play this PCM format 44100HZ 2 channels, 16 bits per sample, Please Select another device or change decoding settings"
Highlighting "Wave Out Plugin" and closing the 'prefs' window allows freedom to enjoy the CD, (even though the status display on 'WaveOut settings says "not active")

As I mentioned the cd tracks start correctly at 0:00 when I'm not using WA with CD Reader or any other CD player
More details, possible relevant..I don't know---
When the CD has ended I get an Error message "WA-CD Reader Error-"ASPI effor:0 x 4(SRB completed with error) Sense key:0x5(illegal request)sensed code:0x21 0x0(logical block address out of range).
Thought I'd mention that just in case.

Also when I re-downloaded the newer(v.195) version of CD Reader, in cdda.cdb is not present in the plugin folder. I think I deleted it accidently and when I dl'ed v.195 again to get it back, it still didn't show up.

However, If I could get the songs to start where they're supposed to ..I'll be overjoyed. Apologies for being sooooo long winded about all this, but It's a newbie's attempt to be thorough.
I've already uninstalled WA and CD reader and reinstalled several times. Help would be greatly appreciated especially the step by step kind. Thank you.

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You're not kidding about posting the same problem over & over again

This is the 5th thread you've created now, all relating to the same topic.
I'm not going to search through all the other threads to see what we've already told you, I've got better things to do, and besides, I don't get paid for doing any of this...

If all the information was in one thread, we would've solved the problem by now.
Please use the "post a reply" button within this thread.
Do NOT create another thread (via "post a new topic" button).


First of all, I need your full system specs in front of me, regardless of whether you've posted them before. This includes: CPU/Chipset, Soundcard, CD-ROM Drive/s, Windows OS, DirectX version.
If you need help locating this info, ask here in this thread.

Secondly, CDReader is a 3rd-party plugin.
If the default in_cdda plugin works ok, then why aren't you using it?
If it's because you want a working EQ & Vis plugins, and you also want to eliminate gaps by using Crossfading DS Output (instead of WaveOut, which seems to be working ok), then you're doing very well to get any support for a 3rd-party plugin here. The normal procedure is to contact the author of said plugin.

Thirdly, in_cdda.cdb is the file where the default in_cdda.dll plugin stores the cddb info. CDReader does NOT use this same file. It uses the same local database file as Windows CD Player:
ie. C:\Windows\cdplayer.ini

Fourthly, did you definitely disable the default plugin by renaming it to in_cdda.dll.off before trying to use in_cdreader.dll ????
(you do have file extensions visible in Explorer?)

Finally, at a guess, the problem is being caused by a faulty installation of the ASPI Layer (and/or by an old/damaged installation of DirectX or by a faulty config in CDReader and/or out_ds config)

I've probably posted these before somewhere, but here they are again:

RE: ASPI Driver problems & downloads (CDReader related)
http://www.ping.be/satcp/softwaretools01.htm#ASPI (Win9x/ME/2k/XP)
http://www.nu2.nu/aspi/ (Win2k/NT/XP)
http://cdexos.sourceforge.net/download/nt_wnaspi32.zip (Win2k/XP)
http://softwarecenter.net/cdex/download/wnaspi32.zip (Win2k)
Adaptec | Support | Downloads | aspichk.exe | ASPI Updates

Special cases for top n00bs

Good luck!
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Okay, I'll do my best to supply info.

Apologies for posting new threads instead of replying.
Yes, in_cdda.dll.off
I have an old jalopy of a computer, however it's a pentium 2 with 233Mhz. 64Mb RAM. CD Rom drive is [ASPI] Toshiba XM-6202B. I have Windows 95.
I'm not sure of the sound card . I looked under 'device mgr'>sound,video and game> Creative sound Blaster 16 Plug(vers.1.0.10).
Driver File details for Creative> file vers.4.33.14.
I'm not sure if that's the 'card' or not.the only other options under the 'sound,video..' were Wave Device for Voice Modem and Gameport.

Could updating the driver in my CDRom help?
Appreciate your time.
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DJ Egg
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No, I don't think updating the CD-ROM drivers will help.
Windows 9x automatically installs the correct DOS-based drivers for all drives, however, it depends on what version of Windows 95 you've got there.

What does it say in System Control Panel -> General tab
Under "system", Windows version = 4.00.950 x
Where I've typed the "x" is there an A, B, or C there or nothing?
The only good version of Windows95 is 4.00.950 C (OSR 2.5)
All earlier versions were full of bugs, missing features, and were renowned for CD-ROM problems... amongst other things.

According to this page, your CD-ROM Drive supports digital audio extraction (it's listed right at the very end of the page):

You can check for newer drivers from www.driverzone.com

or contact Toshiba Support for further help: www.toshiba.com

But, like I said before, more than likely you need to update both:
1) The ASPI Layer drivers (this is separate to CD-ROM Drive)
2) DirectX

Did you check out those links above?

DirectX version can be found via the DirectX Diagnostic Tool
Start -> Run -> dxdiag

If it says dxdiag cannot be found, then this suggests you've got an older version than DXv7 installed. The default with Win95 is DXv5. This is a very old version of DirectX and doesn't support most of today's software.
You can't install the latest DX v8.1 on Win95, it's not compatible.
The highest you can go on Win95 is DX v8.0a
I suggest you upgrade to DX v7.0a or DX v8.0a ASAP

Then, download and run the Aspi Check (AspiChk) tool from adaptec.com
to test your ASPI installation and to determine the version #

The link is in my post above, but here it is again:

You should then download first the older version of ASPI, then upgrade to the new version. I've already given you the link in my previous post, but again, downloads and instructions can be found here:

I can't help much more than this, but if the problems persist even after following these instructions, then post here the exact settings you've got in the CDReader config (drive -> config). You should've stuck with the auto-detected default settings. This is true in most cases, though sometimes CDReader gets it wrong...

It might also help if you post ALL the settings for Crossfading DS Output config here too. There's a chance that you've set the buffer & crossfade configs wrongly. Have you been playing around with the default settings?

Yes, Creative SB16 PnP is your soundcard.
Make sure this is set as default device in:
Multimedia Control Panel -> Audio tab -> Under both "Playback" & "Recording".

I doubt if you'll find any newer drivers (sb16 is a very old card)

Select: "SB 16 PnP" (Plug'n'Play) from the soundcard list
Select: "Windows 95" from the OS List
Select: "English" from the Language list
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Followd advice....

Alas, the problem ( 'next' tracks on playlist not starting on 0:00, but on last second of previous track before the gap between songs- cutting off the beginning of the 'next track' at 0:00) still persists in spite of following the suggestions you generously gave.

As requested: I have Windows 95-4.00.950

I upgraded Direct X to DX8,0a
I ran Aspi check from Adaptec and found out that "not properly installed.."
Installed ASPI 4.60 and then upgraded to ASPI32
Everything was successful.

I then uninstalled WA and all files and folders to start afresh.
I re-downloaded WA 2.80 and played the CD through it. The CD tracked perfectly with no problem of being out of sync on the counter.

Then I reinstalled CdReader.195 and played the same CD through it and the problem was there again.

My settings in prefs. for CD Reader INPUT config. are:
thread: high (doesn't seem to make a difference )
Drive G Buffer size: 128 sectors (the only setting that stops skipping. Command SCSI: 3 Speed:4x Read retries:5 Read errors: ignore(not checked)

Settings for Output config (Crossfading Dir.Sound) are:

Default fade length: 333 ms on: start/disabled, 1st start/disabled , end of song/disabled, on pause stop/not disabled, on seek/ not disabled.
'old style buggy: not checked Full Fadeout when...:checked

Advanced settings:
Max skipping protection
Gapless mode not checked
Alt Buffer not checked
Create Primary Buffer/ checked
Auto Remove silence not checked

Playback with CD's only possible using Crossfading Dirct Sound.

Wheeeeewwwwww. All this just to be able to EQ my CD's through Winamp.
I appreciate your kind attention and time and patience.

I somehow remember reading in some thread out of the hundreds i've been through that there is a player out there that does have Bass and TReble controls. I dont remember it's name. Possibly my sound card couldn't support it. Uggggh. At least I know that the problem is involved with cd reader because the cd played perfectly without it, but no EQ. (sniff!) I'm not sure what else to do at this point. Frustrating because it just seems like one small tweak at the right place would do the trick. CDREader works great except for the song start prob.
Thanks again.
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DJ Egg
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Okay, we're getting somewhere now.
Thanx for providing all the requested info & confirming everything you've done.

Try this:

Crossfading DS Output -> config
Uncheck: Create primary buffer

If this causes bad sound quality and/or skippiness
then re-checkmark it.
Main thing is to see if it was this setting causing the problem...

If the problem persists, post again here, and we'll try a couple of other settings changes in DS Output.

Re: CDReader config:

Change "speed" to: x32
Checkmark: read errors - ignore

All other settings seem ok.

So... you've got Windows 95 Initial Release version.
Skip past all the critical/security updates, and go to service packs section.
You can get Win95 sp1 here to upgrade to 4.00.950 A
There's a few other useful/important updates too (DUN/Winsock2), but read everything carefully first, there's also plenty of useless garbage on that downloads page too.

Hey, even if we don't fix the problem, at least you got a fair few essential updates and learnt a thing or two in the bargain, eh ?!
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Tried new suggestions...

So here we are. I un-checked 'Create Primary Buffer' to no avail, so I re-checked it.

Changed CD Reader config speed to x32 and checkmarked 'read errors-ignore'. No change....except for the fact that for some reason I can now play the CD in 'Wave Out' as well as 'Cross.Dir.Snd' whereas I couldn't after all the updates to ASPI and DirectX.
The speed of the EQ changes seem alot faster in Wave Out mode. They are very slow to take effect in 'Cross.Dir." And the track also fades in and out upon interruption in Cross.Dir.

Ohh..before I forget, what was the name of the Player you once recommended? I know It has Treble/Bass controls and that's what all this obsessive fuss has basically been about.
A shame really, because although the EQ performed by CDReader is not as sensitive as Winamps alone it still does a pretty good job highlighting the broader frequencies. And Winamp is designed really well-easy and fun to use.

Still It bugs me that it must be <something> I overlooked, something very basic that would sync the start of the track with the 0:00 on WA's counter , after all it always works <perfectly> with every other player including WA without CDReader. Grooaann.

How necessary is DirectX just to play mp3's and CD's? The Aspi seems more essential wheras D-X seems geared more towards gaming and movies.

Many thanks for your kind attention and patience with driven noobie.

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DirectX includes DirectSound drivers, so basically you're using DirectX drivers when the DirectSound Output is enabled.

The other player was probably CD Spectrum Pro
but it's not freeware.

So, let's see now...
Are you saying everything works ok now when WaveOut is enabled?
ie. the problem only occurs when Xfading DS Output is enabled?

If so, then it's a simple matter of adjusting the settings in DS config.
You may need to disable all crossfading features ???
The reason why you're getting fadeouts when you stop or pause a track is because this feature is enabled. Double click "on pause/stop" and uncheck "enabled".

DirectSound Output Manual:

Personally, I prefer to enable "gapless mode" and "auto remove silence".
This is especially useful for playing CD's which have no gaps between the trax, eg. live mix cd's, or some Pink Floyd / Beatles LP's etc

Bear this in mind:
The buffer length you set in either WaveOut or DS Out config directly affects volume and EQ delay in Winamp.
eg. If a 5000ms buffer length is set, then it will take 5 seconds for any volume and EQ setting changes to take effect.
This is the same for all other filetypes in Winamp (MP3, WAV, etc)
If the EQ changes are faster with WaveOut, then this suggests that you've got a smaller buffer size set in WaveOut config than the one you've got set in DS Output.

The reason why it doesn't happen with the default in_cdda.dll enabled is because this plugin uses analog reading (as opposed to digital reading with CDReader) and the cd audio is not processed by Winamp's output system whatsoever. CDReader changes all that, and makes Winamp treat AudioCD in the same way as MP3, WAV, etc. by reading the audio data directly from the CD and processing/sending it through Winamp's Output System.

It's not easy to explain, but I hope this all makes sense ?!
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thnks again for your reply.

You're being very helpful and explaining everything very simply. I appreciate it greatly.

Yes, it was 'Cd Spectrum Pro' which I DL'd and tried but unfortunatly my sound card(Sound Blster 16 ver 1.0.10) won't support the tone control feature.

I also DL'd Quintessential CD3.31 which seems like a WA knockoff, also with no luck with CD-EQ.

The 'incorrect start and end of song prob.' happens <regardless> of being in WAve or Direct.
I'm considering at this ridiculous point,to just upgrade my soundcard if that's possible with my antiquated system. If I could do that, then I could simply pay for Spectrum Pro and get on with things.

I'm also thinking of re-installing CD-Reader version 171. to see what happens. Can't remember if songs started incorrectly when I was using it originally. I remember having too many probs at once with it at the time(primarily stuttering and skipping) to isolate the variables. Now that I have Dirx and ASPI, maybe version171 could work. Nothing to lose. I'm pretty 'tweaked out'! LOL.

Also trying to figure out with almost no tech.knowlege why CD Reader is mis-reading the tracking on the CD drive. I ask myself "Why doesn't it recognize that Track 'B' begins at 0:00 and NOT 3:59 of Track 'A'? It must have something to do with CDReader INPUT. Something simple..Something i've overlooked or deactivated in the shuffle of too many options.
It seems that something is creating a quasi-'gapless mode', or a psuedo gpless mode. This somehow seems a most likely theory to follow up on.
Once again, many thanks for your kind attention and interest!
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DJ Egg
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Aah, so it happens with both WaveOut and DirectSound Outputs.
This means it's nothing to do with Output plugin config then.

More than likely, it's the buffer size in CDReader config to blame.
I see you've got yours set to 128 sectors, as in "maximum" setting.
Mine's set to 24 sectors and works a charm.

btw, what's your priority setting in CDReader config? (General tab)
Have you tried switching between Normal, High, Highest ?

If you're experiencing skipping problems, then this is a totally different story... more than often it's caused by faulty videocard and/or motherboard drivers, where the videocard is stealing bus bandwidth from the soundcard.
You've not told me what your videocard is yet ?!
System Control Panel -> Device Manager -> Display Adapter

Funnily enough, my 3rd (backup->backup) pc (also very old, older than yours infact, but I've kept it for sentimental reasons) is a P166, 64MB RAM, Windows 95C (OSR2.5), ancient Trident 2D videocard, SBAWE64 soundcard. Guess what? No skipping problems whatsoever! (as long as I don't try to run too much at once anyway).

For a right good rippin' read,
here's everything we know about the skipping phenomenum:

TSGH -> Useful Links (Direct link to "skipping" section)
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Still more info

Okay , here we are agin, pardner!
Now I think these are my video cards:

Matrox MGA Millenium II Power Desk
Drivers: MGAPDX64.DRV
vmm32.vxd (vdd.vxd)
vmm32.vxd (vflatd.vxd)

Is it possible to update my <Soundcard drivers> without actually opening up the unit physically? Would it make a difference. Could changing the settings do anything constructive?

Maybe installing a new Soundcard would be to my advantage, although going to Soundblaster's company website was overwhelming. What the...

I also gave MusicMatch a try hoping that it had a hard wired eq for CD play......no go. Not a bad player though. Takes alot of MB and my poor ol' comp. was straining under the weight, poor dear.

Winamp still 'Wins' out though. And I remain loyal.
I still can't describe my prob. as a "skipping" prob.. As I mentioned, there's no skipping during playback; in fact it sounds pretty good. But CD reader is "reading" the info on the CD too early and can't sync the real start of the song to the start number(0:00).

Wot's even weirder is that I played Fleetwood Mac's 'Then Play On' CD and NO problem starting and switching tracks correctly. Then 'Axis Bold As Love' f--ked up again, as did the S.Pistols CD.
What the Hey..HO. Be seeing You. (*)

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DJ Egg
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You installed MMJB
Why the hell did you go and do that?

Just be careful when you uninstall it, because there's a possibility that you won't be able to play any audio cd's afterwards, at least not without using my registry fix.

RE: Problems with AudioCD : Playback / Association / Autorun / CDDB
http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?threadid=52410 (MMJB associate with bug)
http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?threadid=40123 (Win9x/ME regfix)
http://support.microsoft.com/support.../Q259/4/73.ASP (Win2k fix)
http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?threadid=87693 (WinXP regfix)

Anyway, back to the matter at hand...
You say you don't have any skipping problems, so why are your input (CDReader config) and Output (DirectSound config) buffers set so large?
Make the buffer sizes smaller and I reckon the problem will go away.
If you get skippy playback after doing this, then yes, you DO have a skipping problem.

Matrox Video drivers

Use their forum or Tech Support if you aren't sure which exact drivers to get for your video card.

btw, are you saying you still haven't installed (potentially newer) soundcard drivers for SoundBlaster 16 PnP under Win98 ??????

It's quite simple:

From the "Products" menu, select "SB 16 PnP" (this is your soundcard, yes?)
From the "Operating System" menu, select "Windows 98"
From the "Language" menu, select "English"
Click "Search"

As far as I know, this comes up in the results:

Though, to be honest with you, you need a new soundcard
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Mistake made. Need confirmation..(fear,desperation,etc

OK. I'll cut to the chase minus the obligatory newbie cringing, cowering and general contrition.

Although your link("Creative--Drivers",btw,thanks!)brought me to the 'ISA Sound Blaster Driver for Win9x', I mistakenly DL'd 'Basic Dos-Level Utilities for use in Win.95 MS-DOS mode or a Windows 95 Command prompt only boot'. The sys.req. for "ISA Sound..." specified Win.98 (I have Win95)--- threw me.
Then I figured it out(duh!)

So now I have quite a few new icons installed in my DL file as well as on my Desktop, which include among other things,Play.exe, Record.exe,csp.sys, ctmidi-S.drv....etc.

Now, assuming that "ISA Sound Blas.driver for Win9x(full duplex Sound Blaster driver updates for Win.95/98[revision16]" IS the one I SHOULD have DL'd, and I'm also assuming that it will be a simple 'follow the prompts' install----- CAN I Safely delete the erroneous 'DOS' files(some with scary sounding extentions) without doing harm to what was originally installed in my system. My feeling is "of course! The new files came as parts of a package and they're not installed yet."

But..."maybe they automatically replaced my old setup!"(newbie anxiety)
I ran a 'find' on some of them and only showed up In 'Desktop' and 'Download'.So....I thought..just to be on the safe side, "DON'T deleted nothin' 'till I know fer sure!"

Your help, as in the past will be received with much gratitude.

Yes, I've learned quite a bit. Primarily just to go and get a NEW sound card ALREADY.
McDonalds on me.
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DJ Egg
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Yeah, don't worry, that 16-bit DOS stuff is safe to delete... all of it.
Just run the SB 16 PnP drivers & control panel setup file for Win9x
ie. the 2nd download, sbw9xup.exe
I actually provided a direct link to this in my previous post

I'm not sure of the exact procedure, but just follow the simple instructions... it's been a while since I ran any driver updates for the SB16/32 series of cards.
If the driver installation isn't automatic, then it might just decompress/unzip some files to the same DL dir (or wherever you run sbw9xup.exe from). Make sure you run it from a new empty folder, just in case. This way you'll know which files are which. If it does unload files, read the readme.txt for instructions. Sorry, but I honestly can't remember what happens, it's been that long since I ran any sbw9xup.exe files.

If you need any further help, just let me know.
Include full details and full list of files, etc.
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uh-oh better get maaco.

Hello again.
Things don't look good. My Sound Card/Drivers are disabled after installing the upgrade. Something went horribly wrong.

Anyway...I DL'd the "ISA sound blaster driver for Win9x" into a separate folder I made. Included are about 40 files.

I opened the 'read me text' to get instructions. Here they are:

"To update the drivers for Microsoft Windows 95/98:
1. Put the whole sets of this package in a sub directory (or diskette) (eg C:\UPDDRV).

2. In Windows 95/98, Click the Start menu and select Run.

3. Type in C:UPDDRV\UPDDRV95.EXE where C:\UPDDRV is the directory
where the file is located, and press the Enter key.

4. Drivers will be updated automatically, you need to restart your
computer for the changes to take effect. "

Boy, did they ever.

I followed all of the above (still not sure of "the whole sets" thing, but I'm assuming that the incorrect grammar was trying to say 'whole set[of files])--- I named the folder C:\UPDDRV

I typed it in as instructed and it started dl'ing and prompted me for a re-boot.
After the computer started back up. I attempted to play Winamp and was greeted with "CROSSFADING DIR/SOUND OUTPUT V1.37 ERROR"
"Bad directSound Driver. Please Install proper drivers or select another device.....ERROR code 88788078.

I knew something was up. I checked my Device Mgr and Lo and Behold---
"Creative SB16 PnP" as well as "Gameport Joystick" were both
< Crossed Out>..
'Properties told me that Creative's device is disabled.

I re-typed UPDDRV95.exe without the directory prefix and ran it again.
It booted the reconfiguration and prompted to reboot the comp., did so but still nothing.

Is there hope? Damn them and their mangled English! moan.

Oh. Let me list the files: Aweman.dll, Aweman32.dll, Cifman.crl, Cifman.dll, Cspman.dll, Ct3dse.vxd, Ctresv.inf, Ctresv.vxd
Disk.id, File_id.diz, History.txt, Readme.txt, Sb16vxd, Sb16awe.inf, Sb16snd.drv, Sbawe.vxd, Sbawe32.drv, Sbfm.drv, sbw9xup.exe, synthgm.sbk, Uidll16.dll, Upddrv95.exe, Upddrv95.inf, Wfm0200.acv Wfm0200a.csp Wfm0201.acv Wfm0201a.csp Wfm0202.acv Wfm0202a.csp Wfm0203.acv Wfm0203a.csp

How is running Upddrv95.exe supposed to install all of the above?
Don't know what happened. Help or advice appreciated. Burnt.

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news flash update!

3:30 am

Sound Back! Yeah!
Went to Plug n Play properties and unchecked 'disable in this Hardware profile'. I tried that hours ago and nothing happened.

Need Sleep. More later about the "upgrade" and the tragedy that followed. thanks for your support.
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DJ Egg
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Phew, you had me worried there for a mo.
I felt an inconsolable sense of guilt comin' on, as though I was responsible for messing up everything.
However, that would've been my advice too, to go into Device Manager and make sure "disable..." isn't checked, and then to go into Multimedia Control Panel -> Devices tab and make sure "use this device" is checked (under Audio Devices / Mixer Devices / MIDI Devices -> SB16 PnP -> Properties)
Also make sure SB16 is selected as default "Playback" device in Audio tab.

But thankfully, you installed the drivers & fixed everything without needing any further help from me... wayhey!


So... hows the CDReader situation then?
Still the same?
Did you try adjusting (decreasing) buffer sizes in CDReader & DS Output?

Oh, btw, you can delete that UPDDRV folder now (and all files within).
Just keep the original sbw9xup.exe file you originally downloaded,
incase you ever need to reinstall the drivers again.

Basically, running upddrv95.exe places all the files in the necessary locations, mainly C:\Windows\System and adds all the necessary registry entries.

There might also be a control panel installed in
I used to have an SBAWE32 Soundcard, and there was a control panel file called AWECP32.EXE in that folder. Not sure if it's the same for SB16 though...
Best thing about the Control Panel is the virtual MIDI Keyboard.
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Not in the clear yet.

Hello. And thanks again for your support and guidance.

It seems to me that when the 'update' was installed ( still not completely sure if correct - big prob. that i'll discuss in a sec.)
....Manual resets had to be done in both 'System' and 'Mutimed".
Still not sure if I covered everything that needs to be reconfigured.

No sound this morning but Dvice mgr. did'nt indicate an "X' through Sound Blast. pnp. so..
______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________
Multimedia Props >Playback. preferred Device. Game Compatible > entered " Sb 16 wave out [220}"
Recording > Preff. Dev. > entered " SB16 Wave in [220]."

I checkmarked " Use Preferred Devices Only". HOpe this is right.

Mult. Props > Advanced. > General > Creative SB pnp > settings = "Creative audio Driver Version 4.38.13 . I Think this is the 'new' version.

Wave Audio Device (Media Control) > settings = " You may configure the amount of memory that will be used for buffering audio data during Playback or Rec.--By default, memory req. for 4 seconds of audio will be allocated. I clicked "OK". Hope that's correct.

I DIDN'T do anything with the "Audio Compression Codecs". ( don't know what they are; won't touch 'em).

Now for the Bad News.
Under Conrol> sys> device mgr> " Gameport Joystick Properties" has an '!!' through it.
Driver tab> "NO DRIVER FILES are required or have been loaded for this device." ( !! )

Gameport Joystick Props > "This device has an error. Try reinstalling > > control panel > Add New Hardware
Add new hardware Wizard > "Windows will look for your new hardware > detection = " Windows did not find any new devices for your system".
Uh OH.

Let me digress for a moment. Under 'Creative' > Driver File Details shows C:\windows\desktop\SB16VXD DESKTOP?

All of the files loaded into the folder were also (duplicate) placed on my desktop. My desktop is over flowed not enough room.
Does this mean that my Driver File has been moved to my Desktop?!
Maybe the 'Gameport" is also on the Desktop although I wouldn't know it . Do I have to click 'properties' on each of them.. and then what?

Before I forget......Under 'Creative' > Device Usage > I checkmarked
"exists in all hardware" instead of "Disable in this Hardware'.
I hope this is correct.

In summation: 'Gameport Joystick' Driver is gone.( or missing )
My Driver file is located on 'Desktop'. (I don;t get it) I have Audio and WA works to play files.
Codecs recheck?
I would like to delete the icons on my desktop but he
hesitant to do so because of "C:\windows\desktop\SB16.vxd ".

Not sure If the upgrade succeeded or not. Obviously it did SOMETHING to screw up the Gameport Driver. What else could be wrong that I can't ( in my ignorance) be knowledgeable about?

I won't worry about luxury probs. right now e.g. 'skipping' until I know that my system is not damaged irrevocably and that Gameport prob. is not symptomatic of other hidden probs.

I'll run Scandisk. Won't do anything. I'll wait until I get your opinion on all of this. Sorry for the lack of organization in this reply . I hope it makes sense even though composed badly.

All this for a little more Bass and Treble . Dr Zhivago goes to the store to get milk.........

Thanks a million.


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All devices checked in 'multimedia' >conrol>devices
i.e. "use this device".

also checked properties on Update files...quite a few are applications. surprise,surprise(sarcas.)

Oh where oh where has my little 'port gone...Oh where oh where can he be...? With his tail cut .....

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DJ Egg
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My oh my . . .

Okay, something's definitely gone a bit wrong there.
Damn Creative Labs and their drivers!

sb16.vxd should be in the "C:\Windows\System" dir.
Why the hell are all those files on your desktop?

Please post a list of ALL the files which got placed on your desktop
and also tell me if there's any duplicates in C:\Windows\System.
Include full filenames, eg. sbfm.drv, sb16.vxd, etc.

I'll then tell you exactly what to do to fix everything.

Once you've done that, we'll fix the gameport joystick as well.
btw, do you actually use a gaming joystick?
(anyway, this will be easy to fix, but we need to sort out the other "desktop" problem first).

Let's just take it one step at a time.
I want to see this through, because I feel a bit responsible for this mess....

btw, "use preferred devices" doesn't need to be checkmarked.
Checking this will disable other devices from being used when necessary, eg. "modem wave device" and "game compatible device".
However, you did the right thing by selecting SB16 as the default playback and recording device.

All your other settings seem to be ok too...
except for the desktop (sb16.vxd) issue.

Speak to ya soon . . .
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Well , here we are. <sigh..>

Hello again. The adventure continues. Thank you for your kindness.

First of all--Sb16.vxd IS indeed in C:\windows\system
Secondly, I don't use the Gameport, however the fact that It's broken, lost or whatever is indicative of a possible incideous widespread problem. If everything was 'kosher' then the Gameport would be healthy. Hence, my concern. (wringing of hands)

I'll list the files found on the Desktop on the LEFT
The C:\system files corresponding will be on the Right
An "X" will signify a check mark, meaning yes C\sys has the same file.
A "No" means that it's contained in Desktop but not in C:\system.

Just to confuse things due to my organizational dyslexia, I will include the contents of the original C:\UPDDRV95 folder._
DESKTOP C\windows\system

Wfm0200.acv x

Wfm0201.acv x

Wfm0202.acv x

Wfm0203.acv x

Upddrv.95exe NO

Aweman.dll NO

Aweman32.dll NO

Cifman.dll x

Cspman.dll x
Uidll16.dll NO

Cifman.crl x

Wfm0200a.csp x
Wfm0201a.csp x
Wfm0202a.csp x
Wfm0203a.csp x

Sb16snd.drv x
Sbawe32.drv NO
Sbfm.drv x
File_id.diz NO
disk.id NO
Synthgm.sbk No
ctresv.inf No
Sb16awe.inf No
Upddrv95.inf NO

ct3dse.vxd No
ctresv.vxd NO

Sb16.vxd X

Sbawe.vxd X











there they are. Let us pray.
Thanks....I hope this info helps somewhat. Be seeing You



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On the previous post I attempted to sort things out in columns but it didn't come out as written on the actual post.
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DJ Egg
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Okay, here goes

The following files should be in C:\WINDOWS
(They might already be in there, but make sure they are)

All the *.INF files go in C:\WINDOWS\INF
They're probably already there
(upddrv95.inf may be the one exception, but don't worry about that one)

All the following should be in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM

(synthgm.sbk = General Midi Synthesizer Sound Font Bank)

Hmm . . . not sure about this one.
I think it goes in C:\Windows\System

UPDRV95.EXE is the driver setup file
Store it somewhere safe for backup purposes.
It doesn't need to be in C:\Windows or any subdir (eg. \INF or \System)
Likewise for Sbw9xup.exe in the C:\UPDDRV95 folder
This is the original setup file you downloaded which automatically unpacks all the other files when it's run.
Back these two files up for safe-keeping.
You can delete all the others in C:\UPDDRV95 folder too.

File_id.diz can be instantly DELETED from the Desktop.
It's just a useless setup file identifier.

This should be in C:\Program Files\CREATIVE\CTSND
(Although, it's not an important file)
It can also be instantly deleted from the Desktop.

Right, I think that covers everything.
You've already confirmed that all the other files are in C:\Windows\System as they should be.

Individually rt click the respective files on the Desktop,
Left Click "Copy"
Then, in Explorer, "Paste" them (one at a time) into the correct folders.

Once all the files are where they're supposed to be, do the following:

Goto: System Control Panel -> Device Manager
Sound....Controllers -> SB16 PnP -> Properties -> Driver tab
Click "Update Driver"
Checkmark "No, select driver from list"
Click "Next"
This will automatically select SB16 PnP in the list.
(Make sure it's hi-lighted if there's more than one item listed)
Click "Finish"
Reboot if asked to.

After reboot, go back in and confirm that it's now using
C:\Windows\System\sb16.vxd as the driver.

If it is, you can now safely delete ALL that crap from the Desktop...
but not until.

Any complications, let me know the FULL details...
(please god, don't let there be)

Confirm all this, then we'll move on to fixing the Joystick.
btw, is this also listed under "Sound....Controllers"?
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I copied the files you suggested to the correct places.

I'm at the 'Update Driver' step.

I have a choice of two to highlight:

1)Creative Labs Sound Blaster 16 or AWE-32 Plug and Play[8-24-1996]

2)Creative Sound Blaster16 Plug and Play[12-10-1997]

(I know this might be a 'no-brainer'but better safe than sorry)

I highlighted the 2nd choice (as instructed in previous post)

Dial box comes up --"Version Conflict"
'A file being copied is older than the file currently on your computer. It is recommended that you deep your existing file.
Filename: cifman.crl
Description: Creative Interface Mgr.
YOur version: 4.5.1003
Do you want to keep this file---Yes....No--

I couldn't close the box without clicking yes or no so I pressed Cntl+Alt+Delete and ended the task on "Version Confict".
( I hope that doesn't screw anything up).

My guess is that I need to highlight choice number one. But thought I'd better MAKE SURE even if I might appear slightly dim.(At this point I am fairly burnt.lol.)

So I won't proceed yet w/ the Update.

Thanks once again for your time and patience.
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DJ Egg
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Heyhey, you did the right thing... always best to get confirmation first.

Yes, select #2) "SB 16 PnP"

When prompted about version conflict (cifman.crl)
Select "Yes"
(always keep the newer version in situations like this)

So, go for it, and let me know how it goes.
All being well, after reboot, the driver will be listed as
and you can then delete all the crap on the desktop.

Then we'll fix the Joystick...
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DJ Egg
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Hope there's not any problems... you seem to be taking a bit long
(I'm dying to know if everything's ok again)

Because I'm a bit bored I'll give you the Joystick Port fix now.

Just do the same as you did with SB16
Select "Creative Gameport Joystick"
Properties -> Driver tab -> Update Driver
Select "No, select from list"
Okay everything
Reboot if prompted.

If the device still shows an error,
Hi-lite it again
Click "Remove"
Reboot if prompted
Windows will auto redetect it and install driver.

If you aren't prompted to reboot
Click "refresh"
This will also redetect/reinstall the gameport....

Any problems, post here with full details.
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going mad. absolutely......

Sorry for the delay in response...away today.

Thanks for your interest, doc.

Not ready to fix the gameport yet. Mission Control we have a problem.

I went to update the driver. sys>Devmgr>controllers>CreatSB PnP>driver= the page came up:

Provider: (blank)
Date: (blank)
"No driver files are required or have been loaded for this device".

So I clicked on "update" anyway, just to see...
The choice between the two is there.(Creat.Snd.Bls PnP[12-10-1997]
versus SB 16or AWE32 PnP[8-24-1996]
I click on the one we agreed on , the newer one and lo and behold...
Version Conflict box doesn't come up but the "blank" Driver properties page. I tried over a few times. The props page('general')
states status as working properly but I can't uncheck "disable in this hardware profile. It keeps re-checking it . Don't know if important or not.

What happened to the 'Version conflict"? Computer OUT The Window!!

So thought I'd hold back from choosing the SB PnP awe32 8-24-1996 version until I got back to you. (moannnn.)

Hope I'm being clear enough with all this. Braindeadbackache.

Maybe if I tried to "update" when i'm offline. I'll try. Just to see if the version conflict comes up but won't DO anything until I report back to you.
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DJ Egg
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Hmm . . . something weird is happening there my friend.

I think it might be wise if you ran the driver update again.
And yes, go offline and close all other programs first.

Have you still got the sbw9xup.exe file in the C:\UPDDRV folder?
If so, run it again to unload all files into that same folder (if they're not all still in there), then run UPDDRV95.EXE again.

Make sure all that crap on your desktop is deleted first.

Basically, sbw9xup.exe needs to be in the C:\UPDDRV folder.
Run it.
This will decompress all the files within sbw9xup.exe (including UPDDRV95.EXE) into the same folder. Then run UPDDRV95.EXE

Is this how you did it the first time?
I've a sneaky feeling it's not...

If UPDDRV95.EXE installs correctly,
it should fix both the SB16 and Gameport driver issues.

Of course, this may mean that you'll have to go through all that rigmarole again of making SB16 the default device and making sure all devices are enabled etc etc... (but really, this should never have happened in the first place).

Jeez, I'm really sorry about all this.
And all because all you wanted was some bass & treble controls...

If it's any consolation, I've made this case Priority 1

Fingers crossed
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Hey, again.

I've been struggling to Update the g.d. driver in every possible way:
SB16PnP or " The Creative sb pnp or AWE" and sometimes it works and prompts reboot after confirming that it's now in c\win\sys...then reverts back to c\win\desktop.......Windows is telling me that the one with the older date is actually the newer version, rebooting , Updating every version possible and the only consistent thing is that it ALWAYS ends up showing C:\Win\DESKTOP!


I still hve sound and winamp is still working so that's good news. Didnt test Cd.

I will take your suggestion e.g.; the check and run again proceedure however I think the "running" part might have been the problem to begin with.

Question: When I 'run' sbw9xup.exe , correct me if I'm wrong:
Start >Run> type in sbw9xup.exe> press "ok" and wait for the fun to begin.

OR......Can I just CLICK on the file and activate it the way I do when I Dl'd a SANE program like WA or anything that just installs it for you.

Well, I have learned much. I've learned restraint( not punching the monitor) and I've learned that my computer( it was a freebie with progs. already installed , so I seem dumb when asked and I don't know what I have on it and constantly surprised.) is OLD and weak but struggles to survive the onslaught of forces that are trying to undermine it's ......beginning to rant......sorry.

Thanks again DJEGG.
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DJ Egg
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Yes, there's no need to use the Run command.

Do as I say to the letter.

1) Delete all those files on the desktop
2) Make sure sbw9xup.exe is in the C:\UPDDRV folder
(Delete all other files in there.)
3) Click sbw9xup.exe to open/run it as you would do all other EXE files.
This will extract all those files again, including UPDDRV95.EXE into the same C:\UPDDRV folder.
4) Click UPDDRV95.EXE to open it.
This will automatically install the drivers and should fix everything.

Please come back and tell me it worked... pleeeaaaasssse

btw, I just hope we've identified your soundcard properly in the first place and we are actually installing the correct drivers. Creative doesn't help matters by there being an SB16, an SB16 PnP, and an SB PCI 16 . . . but from what I can gather, yours is definitely the SB16 PnP, so surely we've got the correct drivers.
And I think that it must be these drivers which are the newer ones.
The older ones will be the crappy drivers which came with Windows 98

Fingers crossed again...
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Sorry ,couldnt reply

Yes , I think the instrcs your gave me worked. It indicates "C\win\sys\sb16uxd. that's the good news.

The bad news is bad.
I'm at a public computer cause I can't connect to the net from mine. After I updated, I immed. went to tell you and Instead of connecting my screen went black and came up with a blue screen with a message saying : "Windows--A fatal exception OE has occured at 0028:20000000. the current application will be terminated. "

I tried over and over , rebooted, shut down , unplugged, waited till this morning ,tried again and still the "Fatal" error blue screen Mess.

'Could this be the end of Rico?!!!" lol
I think I lost a few icons on my desktop also(not the ones from the upgrade that I deleted)

the original prob. was that I read the g.damned instructions from creative on readmetxt and tried to 'run' the damned thing from start as they f--ing instructed me to do. Morons. And my ignorance of anything but the simplest types of popular Dl's.

You have been very supportive throughout and I thank you greatly.

Meanwhile WA works , everything seems to...except connecting to my Isp when I get the Fatal exception blue screen death message.

Ill log in tommor'w from this public computer.
thanks , and we'll speak.
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DJ Egg
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Argghhh . . . omg

It goes from bad to worse!

Well, by (supposedly) fixing the sound drivers and cleaning up the mess on the desktop, it looks like we may have caused some other weird Windows conflict.

OE = Operating System Error

Again, I'll need the FULL and EXACT error message in order to diagnose this.

Is that all there is?
"Windows--A fatal exception OE has occured at 0028:20000000. the current application will be terminated" ?

Does it say anything after 0028:20000000, eg. "in module VXD ****" ?

Other info required:
What version# of Internet Explorer is installed?
Are you using Internet Explorer as your default browser? (as opposed to Netscape or AOL or some other browser)
What method do you use to connect to the net?
Do you just open Internet Explorer and this then automatically opens the dial-up? Or do you use Dial-Up Networking, or do you use a dialler icon (eg. AOL)

Basically, I need to know exactly what you do which makes this error occur.

Also, can you be more precise about which icons have disappeared from your desktop?

I can't find an exact match for that address (0028:20000000) anywhere on google.com or support.microsoft.com

The most common cause of Fatal Exception OE's is faulty RAM
Though they can be caused by registry conflicts, or bad drivers, or viruses, or hardware failure.

At the moment, I'm not sure what's causing it, or whether the sound driver update is the cause of it all.

First things first... run a full virus check and run Windows Scandisk too.

It might be fixable by using the "Repair Internet Explorer" tool,
but I'll need you to answer all my questions first.
This could be awkward if it means you've got to keep moving from your home pc to the public one . . . jeez, what a mess

The Repair IE Tool comes with IE5 or later, and can be found via:
Add/Remove Programs Control Panel
Scroll down the list to: Microsoft Internet Explorer
Hi-lite it
Click "Add/Remove" button.
Select "Repair IE"
Click Okay.

Alternatively, reinstall IE (preferably version 5.1 or higher)
(note: you can't install IE v6 on Windows 95)

You may also need to (re)install the D.U.N 1.4 upgrade for Windows95
I'm sure I've already linked to this earlier?
Dial-Up Networking 1.4 Upgrade with Winsock2 upgrade

But before you do any of this, answer all my questions, and we'll take it from there.
Hey, I honestly can't believe this is really happening...
And I still feel kind of responsible.
Ick, I'm beginning to regret replying in the first place now

I just want to restore everything so your pc runs as smoothly as possible like it did before... apart from the initial CD / EQ problem (which is pretty minor compared to all ^this^)

Reinstalling Windows95 is the last thing I want you to do, because you'll then have to reinstall all essential updates again... etc. (it wouldn't be so bad if you had Windows 98SE/ME/2k/XP... but 95 is a 'mare to reinstall).
I suppose we could just remove the sound driver update (Device Mgr -> SB16 -> remove) and restore the original Windows drivers on detection @ reboot (that's if you're convinced this is the cause of the Blue Screen of Death) ?!?!
Arggghhh... what to do, what to do?

It's getting to the stage where I need to physically see your pc.
It's becoming increasingly difficult to diagnose/fix things now without a proper physical pc examination....
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Whewwwww. Back home for now.

First of all, I'm back home and online. I feel like saying "I'm alive! I'm alive!"

I don't know if I'm in the clear yet. What a f... relief!

Things were really getting bad. I would try to run WA and I'd get the blue wall of death. Then I wouldn;t, then I would again! Other apps.such as clicking on to Netzero(isp)popup would result in BWOD(blue wall..). The only consistent thing was that things were worsening. I thought that 'OE" meant 'original equipment" which freaked me the f* out. WA was malfunctioning as well as volumne control/balance/mixer!

So I HAD to think!....
okay..okay......It was after re-upgrading the simple way you suggested that things immediately started to go haywire, so it must be something THERE that happened. Should I go and search out the loc. of all the files in UPPddrv95 and delete...no.

I, after careful consideration went back to Syst > device > UPDate > took windows suggestion of which one to use! > It wanted me to use"Creative Labs Sound Blaster or Awe-32 Plug +Play", the one that was supposedly 'older',instead of "Sound Blaster 16 PLug and Play" but MY concern was getting it BACK, grateful for functionality alone.

And everything got restored. To WHAT exactly...I don't know. All devices are working .....driver file details still read as: C:\win\Sys\Sb16.VXD Device mgr shows my sound card as being "Creative Sound Blaster or AWE-32 Plug and PLay " which as my notes indicate was the name of the upgrade to begin with. To be exact; it was called "Sound Blaster 16/32/AWE Drivers for Win.95/98"

I'm going to temporarily blame Creative for their incredible stupidity in giving multiple variations of the same g*d* name to their programs! There's "Creative Labs sound blaster" , there's Sound Blaster 16, theres SB 16 PLUG and PLAY, theres Creative Labs S-Soundound Blaster or AWE-32 Plug and Play" and I seem to have all of them here to choose from. NOt to mention the DATE thing! Why can't they just have versions, plain and simple ?!!

WA working ok. Sound mixer levels and balance ok. Internet connection ok. Mutimed properties ok.

So I've avoided being sucked up into the black hole of the Blue WALL of Death for the time being.
As for the missing 3 desktops icons ....I don't know. I CAN"T remember what the hell they were!

At this point , I'm just relieved that my system isn't totally damaged and I need to rest and collect myself.

Thanks for standing by me. I mean it.
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I'm back !Wheewwwww.

S*t. I thought I posted a novel length reply and when I went back to check It wasn't there. oh well, anyway...I'll give the condensed version.

the blue wall of death was gaing greater strength ..WA malfunctioning, Mixer vol/balance, other apps. no Isp access
rebooting x 1000+, scandisk(showed no prob), general distress.

So this , after careful consideration was what I hazard-ed to do:

Syst> device. >update driver> windows encouraged me firmly to choose what we thought was the 'older version'>Creative Labs SB 16 or AWE-32 Plug and Play> = Eureka!!

WA bck to normal, sound mixer normal, isp acess normal.
Narrow escape from blue wall of DEATH/ at least for the time being.

Can't remember what the desktop icons might have BEEN.

The prob was CREATIVE being too f_g creative with too many names ! And screwd up dates! Sound Blaster 16, SB PnP, Creative Labs SB or AWE-32 PnP, Sound Blaster 16 PnP.....!!!!

My sound card at present is "Creative Sound Blaster or AWE-32 Plug and Play" and I THINK THIS is what the Upgrade was supposed to be , because the orig. description said "ISA Sound Blaster Driver for Win 9x-------Sound Blaster 16/32/AWE Drivers for windows 95/98!

The dates were very misleading.
For now, it's okay ----Things are back up and I'm very relieved.

Driver settings still read 'C:\wind\sys\SB16.VxD'

Thanks for standing by me. I'm really grateful.
MOre details in a while . Must rest and collect.
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I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you mate.

Isn't that DJEgg the best. I think he spends more time sorting out Creative's problems than they do.

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Im back , wheeeewww.

Already posted two novel-length replies that didn't get through.

Short version:

blue wall of death getting worse. No
WA, mixer , isp.

I went back to " update" >Creative Labs SB16 or AWE-32 PnP" is what windows recommended( so called ' older version") > Eureka!!

Everything works FINE for time being.
sound card now reads 'Creative Labs Sound Blaster or AWE-32 Plug and Play"

Device setting still C\wind\sys\sb16.xd

Creative have big prob w/ too many names!! Vague info!

Must rest now . All the details later(wondering why my two other posts seemed to get timed out . They were quite lengthy.

Grateful as always! I'll speak later, can't type anymore!lololol.
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DJ Egg
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Actually, all 3 posts got through ok, heyhey

So, looks like everything's up and working ok again.
Thank #&!@ for that eh ?!

Phew, let's hope it stays that way.

It's sure been one hell of an epic case...
and you've also learnt a thing or two in the bargain.


Good luck.

ps. I suggest you print this page out as a souvenir
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Hiya! A Few loose ends.........

Hi! I'm not sure If this thread has ended or not or if you'll be checking it , but I'll risk it at the expense of starting a new post, which might be construed as annoying.

Things are working pretty ok. A few loose ends remain.

'Upddrv.95.exe' remains in my Start > Run window and I cannot get rid of it. It's highlighted, so I pressed "cancel" ,or I tried Backspacing it out of there, as well as normal 'spacebar' to the hi-lited word. When I check the 'run' command-- the file name is still there, highlighted. Is it supposed to remain there until I run something else?
Don't know the significance as it may relate to previous problems.

So far no Blue Walls of Death today, yesterday I received one:
Fatal OE at 0028.C0013996 in VXD VWIN32(01) + 00000AF6

This happened when I was online and clicked on a link.

I searched the web/Microsoft and searched but they all seem to recommend doing a clean boot which I'm reluctant to do.

I also removed MUsicmatch now that I've gotten the refund and I did it by the add/remove prog. in control panel. Hope there aren't any probs with CD-rom as you warned ...if so, I have the links you provided.

All in all , things seem alright. A miracle considering where we've been. Knock wood. If I experience any possible related problems, may I add them to this thread or start a new post?

I'd like to extend my warmest thanks to you DJEGG for your magnificent work and dedication in helping me.

Thanks again. Be seeing you.
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DJ Egg
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Well, I wouldn't worry too much about the Start -> Run menu,
that's normal.
Windows always remembers what you type in there.
Though there is a way to clear it if you've got TweakUI control panel.
(Paranoia tab -> clear run history)

As for the Blue Screen of Death error... lord knows my friend



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