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Shoutcast Classic

I join the plea of users who beg for a CLASSIC shoutcast experience.
That there exists such a crowd, I am made well aware of via any search engine’s results.
But that there is a solution for our needs of simplicity, I am yet to discover.

I want that good ‘ol winamp radio, Green and black.
Where what you had was NOT a miniature browser, with a picture banner displayed, and searching that demanded consistent use of bandwidth, but a simple window, that would download all the playlists from winamp. com/radio, then have you FILTER SEARCH that which you have already downloaded – a few kilobytes…

Choosing the “classic shoutcast” that is offered at the top of this page will get you something that LOOKS similar, but works differently.
When this is selected, FILTER SEARCHING is accomplished by a live, online search and filter of the above url, AS OPPOSED TO, a filtering search OF THE PLAYLIST LISTING you have downloaded (as the older versions of winamp do) from that url.

If it were not for one factor, I would revert to my old winamp radio goodness, (found up to version 5.03 I believe). And that is that these older versions to NOT get the url info from the different genre’s found under the main radio url (eg. winamp. com/radio/electro) but rather, from the main parent page ONLY – i.e - winamp. com/radio.

If that weren’t the case – I’d be a happier man.
Do say there’s a solution for this bandwidth munching…’improvement’…

Thanks in advance
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Moved to the relevant forum..
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Which would be WHERE moderator?

ah yes, thank u ^_^

Well, I did some browsing around here.

Originally posted by [lx]-DdBl
now, there is the possibility to listen via the browser-player or you can change the settings to play in your music program (what makes you download the PLS from shoutcast and just run it).
Is this correct?
Is there a way I can DL the ALL the PLS from winamp radio, and then just browse through them in winamp (via the shoutcast radio window I suppose). Just like the older vesions of winamp did?
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Use this link to reconfigure the player settings: http://www.shoutcast.com/configure_s...yer?config=yes

You can also use this link to return to the classic version of SHOUTcast: http://classic.shoutcast.com/
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Hi, thanks for the link!

Well, I went to the URL, selected the option to have shoutcast stream in my default player (thats all I saw there), and clicked saved.
It then exited.

But on opening winamp. I still dont see it downloading the stream info

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