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Crashing on startup

After many years of successful usage, Winamp suddenly started crashing on startup (on Win XP). Shortly before that I installed a few older games (Battlefield 1942 and Armies of Exigo).

I was able to save file 4d90_appcompat.txt, which I hope may have some relevant info. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the latest version of Winamp.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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File: 4d90_appcompat.txt
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File Type: txt 4d90_appcompat.txt (71.4 KB, 236 views)
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Portable Device?

Do you happen to have a portable device (one that's not an iPod but something else like a Sansa or iRiver or Creative Zen or something) plugged in when you start Winamp?
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Try removing all these 3rd-party plugins/libraries first (move them from the Winamp\Plugins folder to some backup folder, eg. Winamp\Plugins\Backup), and let us know if it still crashes....


I doubt if in_APE.dll is to blame, but you never know (it is 3rd-party, after all)

If it doesn't crash, then it's up to you to find out which of them was causing it.

If it still crashes, then yeah, the other likely possible cause is some external portable player software conflicting with the equivalent Winamp pmp_*.dll plugin...
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Problem stopped.

@ Shock: sorry, no other MP3 players or any USB devices were plugged in during the crashes.

@ DJ Egg: I did a fresh reinstall of Winamp (wiping out the old dir, with any extra plugins), so I didn't have any of those 3rd party files.

However your idea with messing with plugin directory helped - I moved it away, started Winamp (it came up, although in classic mode). I shut down Winamp, placed the plugins dir back, started Winamp - and it came back normally.

So, the mystery is not solved, but at least it seems to work.

Thank you both for your help!
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