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https://rmo.shoutcast.com VS https://radiomanager.shoutcast.com

https://rmo.shoutcast.com VS https://radiomanager.shoutcast.com

Lately i get personal e mail from Shoutcast: Shoutcast Presents its new Streaming Offer: Shoutcast For Business: see e mail http://r.mailing.shoutcast.com/4kzrxq0rivx4nf.html

The difference between platforms is not understood at all!
https://rmo.shoutcast.com VS https://radiomanager.shoutcast.com

One month ago Shoutcast support team (name Bruno G), migrate my station to the new platform "radiomanager.shoutcast.com", now i am on the new platform and there is a lot of problem with the Radiomanager/management panel and settings; Radio station music genre, Localization and visibility, HTML5 player Track-list Information not appear at all... to name a few....

In addition It is very frustrating that they do not return to emails, There are cases where they do not even return to email at all, (2 emails i sent them, I wait more than 3 weeks, I have no choice but to upload the case as posts on Facebook and social networks to be treated, than i get an email reply from shoutcast). WE ARE DEALING WITH LIVE STREAMING - Air time. Shoutcast support service is not good. You need to improve yourself guys.

How exactly the platforms speak/or not to each other, what is the essential difference?

If you migrate the station why is my radio still on the old platform?

I have no reason to move forward (pay you for such not clear messy manager platform) with so many problems, lack of stability in the broadcast, lack of information, assimilation & embedding options.

After all this years SHOUTCAST. WINAMP crisis ; turning point & new company acquisition, we still loyal, however its feel amateur. I think we all deserve a fair understanding.

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rmo.shoutcast.com is the old RMO - still active for Shoutcast Streaming Service v1 stations which haven't been migrated yet, and also for all DNAS stations.

radiomanager.shoutcast.com is only for migrated Shoutcast For Business (Streaming Service v2) stations.

SSv2 stations are currently under a 3 month trial period.
The new radiomanager is still a work-in-progress and is not yet complete.
Some features still aren't functioning.
We hope to have everything working in time for the planned switchover (hopefully) in September.

At that point, the old RMO will cease to be and the new one will take over.

Until then, do NOT use the new radiomanager if you don't have a migrated station on there.

I hope that explains things more clearly.

Apologies for any inconvenience or confusion.
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