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That doesn't change the fact that at some point in the US the definition of liberal got changed to something like a moderate social democrat (or European conservative for that matter, at least in Germany they were the ones who introduced social security (because they realized how much it stabilizes both society and the economy)), and since then doesn't have much in common anymore with how the term is used in the rest of the world (namely closer to its original meaning (if you exclude people like Zhirinovsky or Haider, but then liberalism has never been immune to nationalism either)).
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^ Zhirinovsky was nuts!
And, yeah, I'll agree with most of your points.
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When I was blaming student loans for the debt, I knew it really was a small portion when you compare it to military and other much bigger expenses. To be more blunt but still honest, we have several orders of magnitude more military than what is necessary, and we have banks who get to lend carelessly and then get bailed out for it at taxpayer expense, thus the banks get to stay wealthy.

Don't forget to live before you die.
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Originally Posted by _Marian View Post
Hi everybody! My name is Marian (I'm from Romania, so it's a male name, not female like in English). I'm a webmaster and I like listening to music while I'm working on my websites. Also, I'm a Winamp fan, that's why I came here.
Hello Marian, do you do web designing too? I'm taking courses about it now Just sharing!
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