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Video tag views go out of whack

I've looked to see if there was already an answer to my question, didn't see any.

I use Winamp solely for video files, I have a single folder with nearly 1,300 movies, cartoons, vids etc.
I adopted Winamp because I wanted something to keep data on my video files and play them as well. Now I'm wondering if I made the right choice.

My filenames are the actual library call numbers for each.
I only use Filename, title, genre and year for metadata.
I keep 2 copies of the database in different folders on different drives, they get updated together.

My problem:
It seems that if I make a typo, touch the wrong key, the entire metadata view (media library) goes out of whack.
All the titles revert to the filename as when I first entered new files.
The years, genres are gone, wiped out.
Only 2-5% of files keep their original metadata but in most cases that isn't useful.
If I reopen after some time, the view has reset itself but this isn't a big plus.

If there is any efficient manner to reset this view on the spot, please tell me what it is.

I understand that the files don't get modified by entering the data but I wish they did, this problem would not present itself.
Why can't Winamp embed the data into the files?
I do this on mp3s using Tag & rename and those files can be read anywhere by anything.

Will this database be useful outside of Winamp (and iTunes) or is it some proprietary thing?


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Are you using the latest version of Winamp? (5.572)

From the 5.571 changelog:

* Fixed: Custom mldb info reverts to filename on Alt+3 for in_dshow, flv & swf

We can't reproduce the problem under 5.572

What file format/extension are your video files?

MP4 / M4V (when handled by in_mp4.dll) and WMV / ASF (via in_wm.dll) support metadata writing.

Alas, there's no official tagging system for MPEG-1 & 2 (.mpg) and in_dshow doesn't support metadata writing at all.

AVI supports basic metadata, but write support (via in_avi.dll) hasn't been implemented yet.

If the problem persists:
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Hi DJ Egg,
I'm on
The vast majority are .AVI, some .MP4, only 1 or 2 in .WMV
Some files I had entered titles to a long time ago are now showing the filename as title as most of them are.

Thing is I never know what I'll be getting when I fire it up.
This is not what I was looking for in a DB.
I use Media Monkey for music and do a little editin with it, no problems, the data, views all is fine. I only I use Winamp for one thing and it is only consistent in the way that it f%$#s up.

Can this database (xml textfile) be converted to be useful in other apps besides iTunes that could display the data properly? I put a lot of work into this.

I just removed/re-installed for the 3rd time and I'm getting frustrated with this unpredictable app.

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