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Shoutcast iPhone App Not Great....

I run a shoutcast server on my computer so that I can broadcast and listen to my home computer via my iPhone while driving. I have 2 ways to listen.

1) When I use the shoutcast app everything works fine except when it drops out. I have to physically back out of the app and then load it up again to get my music back. It's a pain but I like the ability to see the artist/song title on my phone.

2) I also have the option to listen by going into safari and entering myhomeipaddressort When I type that in I get the page of how many listeners I have, what song is playing, etc... I then have to hit the "listen" link in order to get my music playing. When I listen this way it is great. If the music drops for a few seconds then it will replay automatically. The downside is that the artist/song title aren't displayed.

Any ideas?
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1. I have found that the dropouts seems to be related to the network. For example, when I use the app while connected to wifi, then I can stream for hours without issue. When I am in an area with good 3g service and am stationary, then I can again stream for hours. When I am in a poor 3g service area or am simply mobile, I can stream for a few minutes before something dies. Depending upon how big the burp is sometimes the player can reconnect, sometimes not and I have to do as you described.

2. Yep, using safari and the quicktime media extension works a whole lot better and you will never get artist/song information.

The reason is that quicktime app on the iphone allows you to buffer massive amounts of data where as, I would guess, the buffer of the SHOUTcast app is no where near as big. Hence the additional problems.

About the only thing you can do to help with the shout cast app is either to use wifi or listen to lower bitrate streams. Around where I am listening to 128k over 3g can be a challenge, around where I work I am lucky if I can pull in 64-96k streams without issue (I work in a crappy 3g area), in Chicago it won't even work at all because ATT's 3g network is always getting hammered out there due to the number of people in Chicago with iPhones.
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