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Two Streams one Player

I have a client that has two stations I manage. They are wondering if there is a way to shuffle two stations on one player. The IT guy is really good with code so if there is anything in the advanced area that's ok. If anyone knows of such a player or way to do this please let me know. Much appreciated. We are running two Shoutcast stations with a huge following and using Centovacast to broadcast.


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this is very very easy IF your broadcaster/encoder has support for using another stream as a source (or a playlist entry) essentially makeing it just relay.

each station can output to dedicated private instance of sc_serv
station a --> private_scserv_a -->public_scserv
station b --> private_scserv_b

you can then use whatever you use to broadcast...

a playlist with those 2 servers as the only entries, and the playlist is set to loop.

when you switch to the next 'track'

station a --> private_scserv_a
station b --> private_scserv_b -->public_scserv

or if for some reason the source gets disconnected, it will move to the next item in the playlist... this also essentially creates a 'failover' function.

station a --> private_scserv_a -->public_scserv
station b --> private_scserv_b

or lets say... a setup like this..

/mp3/from/hd --> private_nodjs_scserv -->public_scserv
djs broadcast --> private_dj_scserv

the dj can connect and begin sending the stream without immediatly switching to live content. instead this gives the dj time to compare the audio levels and sound against what is currently playing on public_scserv. this will help provide volume and quality control over the life of your station.

when dj is ready to go live, switch to the next item

/mp3/from/hd --> private_nodjs_scserv
djs broadcast --> private_dj_scserv -->public_scserv

in this scenario it is VERY important that private_dj_scserv is set TO auto dump listeners. this will ensure that when the dj is done, and disconnects, it will also disconnect your broadcaster, thus moving to the next item in the playlist...

i hope this helps a little... let me know if you have any questions
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